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10 Beauty Tricks That Will Make You “WOW”

Hi, girls we are providing you with some special tricks to look more beautiful. Who doesn’t want to look modest so here we are offering you ten most awesome beauty tricks which will take only 2 minutes of your precious time? These tricks are for those girls who don’t even have much time in their hand to take care of their look to save your time we are providing you ten excellent tips to take care of your beauty.

1. DE-frizz your hair: Those girls who have curly and wavy locks only they can understand how difficult it is to maintain them. Most of the time it happens that trying too many products may damage your locks too. So we are giving you a simple trick to De-frizz your hair which would take only 2 minutes, and you can get beautiful and glossy hair. That too for all day long you just have to take an old t-shirt of yours dip it into lukewarm water and wrap it all over your hair only for 2 minutes and after 2 minutes remove it. You are done.

2. Opt for no heat waves: It is a known fact that heat isn’t good for your hairs and it’s our suggestion for you not to touch the curler if you don’t want your hair to get damaged. All you require to do is opt for no heat waves you just have to split your hairs into two halves and twist them tightly and then make a knot with a rubber band and wait for 2-3 minutes then open it and let your hair loss you can see without giving heat you get naturally wavy hair.

3. Neat brows and baby hair: If you don’t have a brow brush its ok, you don’t need to trouble about it. You don’t have to do many things to get your brows in shape and look perfect just use a bit of hairspray on your toothbrush and gently brush your brows and baby hair and only in 2 minutes you can see the change in your look.

4. Make your lipstick last longer: If your lipstick fades or it spreads it is irritating. You only need 2 minutes to make your lipstick last longer first apply one coat of lipstick then place a piece of tissue and sprinkle a little bit of translucent powder over it. After that remove that tissue which you put on your lips gently and then apply the second coating of your lipstick and you are ready.

5. The smoky eye look: If you have planned to go on a date but don’t want to go out with those puffy eyes then we have a better option you can try smoky eye look we know most of you might be thinking that it’s time-consuming. But the trick we are providing you will take only 2 minutes you just have drawn a slanted hashtag at both the eyes in outer areas than just with the help of eyeshadow brush spread and blend out the edges. And you are ready for you sexy eye look.

6. The nail polish trick: If you are busy and don’t have much time to dry up your nail polish, don’t panic. Here comes the nail polish trick without any worry just apply your nail polish as you always do and then just for 1 minute you have to dip your fingers in a bowl of cold water. Then take your fingers out from the bowl and let the excess water get dropped from your finger you can see that your nail paint has hardened at the same time. Try yourself and then only trust us.

7. Remove your makeup naturally: After using our this trick, you won’t ever spend more time removing your makeup with any makeup remover or face wash. You can remove your makeup naturally for doing this you will have to take coconut oil and start massaging it gently all over your face you will need only a few drops of coconut oil you can do it with a cotton ball. You have to do this only for 2 minutes and then you can wash your face if you repeat the same trick every day you will get a natural glowing appearance on your face and also healthy skin.

8. Mix concealer with your face cream: You must have a concealer which is one shade lighter than your skin to get instant glowing and natural skin mix concealer with your face cream. Implement it on all over your face including on your cheeks, your forehead, brow areas, and nose area and trust us it will change your look and make you look more attractive than before.

9. Say hello to rose water: If you are wishing your skin to feel fresh and smell great, you need to say hello to rose water because it feels great when you are done with your makeup spray a little bit of rose water on your face. Just give it a try, and you would love to do that again and again.

10. The multi-purpose eyeshadow: Would you believe us if we say that your eyeshadow can be used as a brow powder and liner. Yes, of course, you can find us you need to try once the trick of the multi-purpose eyeshadow why would you run after different products when you can do it with a single product. You just have to choose the right brush and the makeup techniques, and you can easily get your best look using a single product.

If you still think that you are too busy even for all these things than there are various organizations who provide beauty services at home. So, pick your phone, call them, book an appointment and gift yourself a prettier look.

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