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Best ELD Devices In 2018! ELD device buying guide

With the advancement of technology, there are drastic changes in every walk of life. Things become pretty easy and you can track everything in this advanced era. If you are a transporter then you would be probably aware of tracking importance. Any guess about what I am going to explain? ELD, Electronic Logging Device, used for tracking the location and activity of your truck driver. Here we will discuss the best ELD devices in 2018.

Best 5 ELD devices to track your vehicle’s motion

It is time to make your driving more smooth and easy with ELD devices and here I picked the top 5 ELD devices so observe carefully and choose the best.

Keep Truckin ELD Device

Let’s discuss our first ranking device Keep truckin, offers you a convenient price and also user-friendly. You have to pay a monthly fee for this device. You will pay @35 for one month. You don’t need to buy this product.

keep truckin eld
Best ELD Devices In 2018! ELD device buying guide


  • Keep truckin integrate with a simple app and gives you the easiest experience.
  • Its Dot inspection mode allows getting all the log history which is very useful when you have to show the reinforcement officer.
  • It can send pictures at the time of accidents.
  • It provides you with advanced telematics feature like fuel monitoring, tampering alerts, and engine diagnostic etc.

Garmin Elog Compliant ELD Device

Garmin company is a popular name for GPS tracking, navigation and data recording etc but it is also famous for its ELD devices. Although Garmin ELD is pretty costly it comes with all latest software and you don’t need to pay any extra subscription.

This is the most popular ELD of all. it also gives you some additional features.

Garmin eLog Compliant ELD


  • Its installation process is very simple and it easily fixes in 6 or 9-inch pin data port. It is also compatible with other Garmin equipment and you can integrate your elog system with any GPS enabled tablet or phone,
  •  It is designed for more durable experience and you can access it via Bluetooth and USB also.
  • Garmin fulfills all the requirements of FMSCA by providing information at a certain per

Stoneridge EZ ELD device

Stoneridge EZ ELD device comes with all the required accessories. It can store up to six months data and also give emphasis on quality and technology. There are some features which differentiate it from others and consider it driver friendly.

You just need data and internet connection and you easily sent, store and analyze data in your computer.

stoneridge ELD device


  • Stoneridge gives stress on CMV equipment and fleet management that means it takes care of all the two, driver and owner.
  • It is easily accessible by your management team.
  • It’s app capable to store, distribute and view files for up to six months
  • Stoneridge also provides you with easy manual and training materials and FAQs for instant help.
  • It is also a low-cost device and you have to pay @15 for a monthly subscription.

Rand Mcnally ELD 50 E-LOG device

This device offers you uncountable features but you would be unable to know how much the features costs. There is less visibility among the price for subscription, software and ELD price.

Rand McNally ELD Devices


  • This ELD gives you an affordable price, simple installation, and the software. You have to pay only $149.99 which is few when compared with other devices.
  • ELD 50 able to generate advanced DVIR reports and it can store huge amount of details on the functions and metrics of the truck.
  • This ELD especially focuses on fleet more than the driver so we can say it gives stress on service.


Last but not least, our fifth ELD device is a complete package of GPS system and tracking amalgamated data plan and also a certified ELD. I think this is one of the best ELD. This device differs from others in numerous ways. You have to buy LINXUP retention tablet for syncing and sharing details with ELD. You can not run it on driver’s android phone.

linup eld devices


  • When you integrate it its own tablet it will reduce compliance risk and multiply your profit.
  • The price of ELD is $149.99 and the cost of the tablet is $ 149.99 that means all the two costs about$300. A little bit more when compared with other ELDs.
  • LINXUP provides you with a great level of security as it is GPS integrated.
  • You will always sure about the location of your vehicle.
  • With this ELD the burden of drivers will reduce and the driver can focus on their important duties.

Well…above I described the 5 best ELD devices of 2018 and now it’s your turn to choose according to your requirement. All the ELD comes with the different price and features so choose wisely. Still, any query regarding these ELDs then comment below and also share your experiences if you have ever used any of them. Our comment box is waiting for your valuable comments and for more updates stay connected.

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