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Honor Band 5 Review and Analysis | Hi Tech Gazette

Many new wearable devices go on sale in recent weeks. Some are new models of well-known brands in this field such as Lenovo, Xiaomi and HONOR. HONOR Band 5 is one of them.

Honor Band 5 Price in UK

It is the latest version of the popular HONOR Band series of smart bands. This new product has AMOLED display screen. It can track sleep and heart rhythm. The waterproof capacity is up to 50 m. It was set at 29.99 pounds in HUAWEI Band 5 official store in UK.

But here the question arise? Why Honor Band 5 win the competition with so many other brands? and here, we tested honor brand 5 to find out…

Honor Band 5 Colors

HONOR Band 5 follows the classic design of this series of equipment. HONOR offers Band 5 has 3-colors (Meteorite Black, Coral Powder and Midnight Navy).

We checked for meteorite black. HONOR’s latest smart Band looks like an integrated device.

Seprate the Watchband from Main Body

In fact, you can separate the watchband from the main body. You can replace it with another strap. You can also find other color choices on the Internet.


High Quality Silicone

The watchband included with the HONOR Band 5 is made of high-quality silicone. It has a watch-style clasp. This makes the equipment easy to wear.

It reduces the possibility of falling off. We have tested for several weeks. We did not find any abnormal wear on HONOR Band 5.

Honor Band 5 Core

The core of the HONOR Band 5 is a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch screen. The resolution is 120×240 pixels. Directly below the display screen is a capacitive “Home Page” button. It is just like the HONOR Band 4. The Band 5 has a color display. This AMOLED panel is bright enough outdoors. You can choose from 5 brightness levels.

You will find hardware for heart rate tracking on the back. The sensor extends very slightly. You will not feel uncomfortable while wearing the watchband. There are 2-pins for charging.

and You know what, Honor provide a special clip charger for charging this ultimate fitness band. The charger has a Micro-USB port. HONOR also comes with a short cable to help you charge the device.


Honor Band 5 Display

HONOR Band 5 has a touch screen. You can navigate in the UI by sliding the screen. Users can click on the screen to select. You can slide to the right to return. Click the button to take you to the main screen.

The HONOR Band 5 has multiple dials to choose from. Each dial displays a different type of information. Lightly touching surface can display the connection status of the device such as battery power and current weather.

Easy to Use Interface

HONOR Band 5 has an easy-to-use user interface. It can display the number of steps, the user has taken. It also shows the heart rate, sleep time, exercise details and notifications.

Maybe the user is inactive for a period of time, Band 5 will also buzz to remind him of the activity. This is a very useful function. The Exercise tab has 9 exercise options. These includes Free Exercise Mode. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has provided it, too.

HONOR Band 5 allows you to track running indoors and outdoors. It also tracks swimming. The latest update has added music controls and SpO 2 (blood oxygen level) tracking.

HONOR has good waterproof effect. The user wore it every day in the shower in the test. He found no water leakage problem. This product adds the function of tracking swimming.

HONOR Band 5 can last for more than 15 days.

In short, HONOR Band 5 is a simple and economical smart Band. HONOR Band 5 is definitely a good choice for you.

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