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Why Tech Hackathon Gone On To Become Popular?

Hackathon means people from varied backgrounds come together, to cope up with challenges within a given period of time.

Due to the popularity of online hackathons, a number of tech companies are diverting to this module due to the flexibility and ease of operations. With the world moving towards digitalization, organizations are exploring viable avenues for recruitment and innovation. Particularly in the universities and start- ups hackathons have been gaining a lot of popularity.

The basic idea of hackathon restricts itself to analysts and coders, but a better approach is to compile qualitative and quantitate methods. In short it paves way for better levels of creativity and engagement.

Not only it is going to enhance participation from multiple disciplines, but it works wonders for the tech business.

Internal hackathons and their benefits

The process of internal hackathon means that employees are given a break from their daily tasks and get the ball rolling for creative ideas. Let us now explore how internal hackathon could work for the benefit for your employees

An individual performing a multitude of tasks

It is an obvious fact that an employee is stuck at the cross roads of their daily tasks. In a way it hinders their potential to be formulating something new. With the help of hackathon an employee is in a position to pick up new learning’s and ensure it works for the betterment of a company. This is an ideal situation for all the people.

You will be in for a surprise to figure out what an employee could do if they are provided the energy and the freedom to accomplish a task. It helps to develop new roles for the existing employees and provides opportunity for training to the existing employees if applicable.

Future points of the business

By hackathon, some great ideas can be implemented on an immediate basis whereas some of them could be kept for the future. Some acts could help in the future vision of the business and ensures future proofing of the company. It is all through the process of recurring innovation of the company.

Team building at an inclusive level

For the developers and coders hackathon might be a level playing field but it ensures that the engineering along with non-engineering teams come to the fore.

More about an external hackathon

Such a form of hackathon is likely to extract outside talent and pep up the process of innovation. It works out to be the best form to obtain a media coverage, engage in a notable dialogue with the outside communities and start off the process of recruitment. Yes this form of hackathon is not going to need a lot of planning but it ensures sufficient level of engagement and dialogue with the exterior world that are more inclined to the innovation process.

New people and sticking to newer technologies

It becomes a herculean task to comply with the existing technological changes and the need to adopt one. It serves as the breeding ground for newer forms of technologies and provides a platform to innovate and move ahead. A company along with the employees might have their own ways of operation and there is no harm but still there might be ways to do things. With the help of hacakthons things are never going to be the same again.

At this point of time newer technologies are entering the market in a big way. A hackathon enables you to cope up with this newer form of technology and build on the same.


A major benefit of the external hackathon is to trim down the recruitment process. Normally it might be taking a couple of months to a few weeks and try to find out the candidate in action. A hackathon enables a candidate to assess the candidate based on their external skills along with time management modules. An organization is provided in roads into innovators and tech communities; hackaton enables a strong pipeline in the future.

The metrics needed for a successful hackathon

Any hackathon be it online or offline emerges due to clear thought out objectives and support at all levels.

First and foremost you need to decide about the mode and type of hackathon. It is an important point of consideration and relates to the primary decision makers. Keep in mind that it is a break from your hectic schedule. It can be short and mostly spreads across a day or two at the most. When it is an online hacakthon it can serve up to 2 weeks or more and still it is dependent upon the size and scope of hackathon. Not only the event restricts itself to the big day but the accompanying days as well. When it is a virtual hackathon it is an easy one to implement but a mixed hackathon could take years of planning so that it goes off smoothly.

The budget is also dependent upon the mode and the type. It has an influence on the scale and the reward programs of the same. Make sure that the top management is on board for conducting the hackathon of your company. Each and every hackathon is unique and provides a unique challenge of their own in implementation. Even the prizes they are going to showcase is a fair reflection of the brand.

Brand positioning

An organization might be churning in hundreds of dollars on hackathon, but if your brand is not known in the circles it is not going to serve any purpose. The best way of doing this is with the help of hackathons.

Yes there could be an argument that the traditional form of marketing could derive results, hackathon presents an unique way to stand in terms of position.

A host of international organizations all over the world to encourage diversity have gone on to adopt hackathon. When it the case of larger organizations like Microsoft they are known to implement hackathon at an internal level.


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