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5 Best FFXIV Mods to Modernize the Game in 2021


Final Fantasy 14 was released in 2010 for Microsoft Windows.

Today, it has been over a decade, is the game still playable?

However, this wouldn’t be possible without its hyperactive mod community.

That’s why, even without any major DLC update, it has managed to stay on course.

With the latest ffxiv mods installed on top of the original game, you can expect it to have major improvements in textures and shading elements.

Usually, 3rd-party mods are safe to install. However, some unverified mods can cause harm to your device.

But don’t worry, you need not have to worry as I’ll share genuine ffxiv mods that cause no harm to you.


Now, let’s get started:

Hair Defined

Hair Defined is the first FFXIV mod on the list. The name of this mod gives away what this mod is all about.

Looking at the year difference, hair Defined is a cosmetic update of major difference. It’s developed and managed by Saika Darkmoon to provide a complete overhaul in FFXIV.

This mod includes 1000s of textures upscaled, derived, enhanced from the source material. Once applied, you can make changes to the hair, eyelash, beard, eyebrow of every final fantasy player and primary NPC.

Even though you won’t have any serious issues with this mod, you might get into a bit of trouble if detected.

Apart from this, you might also face considerable lag frame drops.

Face Defined

Face Defined is the 2nd FFXIV mod on this list. Similar to hair defined, this mod gives away with the name as you can use it to define facial features and give face overhaul to final fantasy players.

This mod is suitable if you’re looking to improve your base final fantasy game. You take any game out, a face defines the in-game characters.

Geralt of Rivia in Witcher Gaming Series or Mario in super Mario are the two best examples of it.

Note: The mod installation can lead to performance degradation when the gameplay is at its highest level. So, keep that in mind before installing this mod.

HD Buffs Icons & HD Skill Icons

HD Buffs Icons & HD Skill Icons is the 3rd best FFXIV mods on this list. It’s been over 10 years since this game was first released. It has gone quite old, there’s no denying this fact.

However, you can transform its visual as per your requirement using the HD buffs icons and HD skill icons.

But HOW?

You see, after 10 years, FFXIV has gone through several changes but its icons have remained the same.

No changes at all.

So, by installing this mod, you can refresh the look of the FFXIV video game.

Over the years, Square Enix had tried its best in adjusting the overall UI of final fantasy 14. However, every time the developers ended up failing miserably.

Today, the only way to buff and debuff in-game icons is by installing this mod by LePitBenny and take full advantage of the waifu2x image scaling program to upscale the icons.

Practically, this is not a big change but considerable enough to make a difference.

Imperium Graphic Pack

Imperium Graphic Pack is the 4th best FFXIV mods on this list.

The Imperium Graphic Pack is a humongous collection of graphic presets.

Even though it’s still one of the best-looking FFXIV mods, there are some cons to it like any other mods you will find online.

Before I state this issue, let me make one thing clear – I never faced these issues. On the other hand, there are many users on final fantasy forums where you’ll hear gamers ranting about the imperium graphics pack.

They always tend to complain about certain washed-out details in moving decals such as running water. I know it’s a minor con and not a big one to criticize a mod that’s available to help you in the first place.

Flicker Optimisation & V-Sync Stutter Fix

Last but not the least, Flicker Optimisation & V-Sync Stutter Fix is the 5th best FFXIV mods on this list.

No matter which mod you apply, in the end, it’s your PC that’s going to suffer the most.

For instance:

  • Imperium Graphic Pack
  • HD Buffs Icons & HD Skill Icons
  • Face Defined
  • Hair Defined

These mods will end up hogging up more CPU resources than the actual final fantasy 14 games. And that’s when Flicker Optimisation & V-Sync Stutter Fix mod comes to your rescue.

It’s the one mod that you need to take the load off your computer. All in all, it helps in fixing the most prevalent graphical glitches, stabilizing FPS, and improving performance.

However, it’s not the mods every time. Sometimes, the performance lag happens because of your PC. So, here’s how you can optimize your Windows 10 PC for gaming.

Final Words

When it comes down to picking up the best ffxiv mods, you might encounter tons of mods with NSFW content.

However, I’ve tried to maintain a distance from such content. So, in case, your favorite ffxiv mods aren’t on this list, don’t expect it to get listed.

Besides, if you’ve got any recommendations, then do share them with us. We’ll review it before adding it to the list.

That’s all for now.

If you’ve got any questions or having trouble installing ffxiv mods then don’t forget to ask for help in the comments section given below.

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