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Locate & Craft Witcher 3 Best Runestones [2021]

Witcher 3 Best Runestones

There has been a very long debate about which is the Witcher 3 Best Runestones but still, we can’t say which runestone is best among them all, it depends on the player and their requirements at the time.

In this article, I am going to tell you guys about the top five Runestones in Witcher 3 game.

What is a Runestone?

Runestones are used to upgrade your armor and weapons level. In the action RPG game you will find some empty space on your weapons and armor, you can place the runestones in those empty spaces.

Top 5 - Witcher 3 Best Runestones

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Runestones will increase the attack power of your weapons according to the stone capabilities. Different runestones give you different powers like freezing, poisoning, stun, and many more like these.

Where to find Runestones?

Runestone can be found at the monster nests, or you can buy the Runes from the weapon smiths and armor smiths. You can also craft them yourself.

How to Craft Runestones?

You can craft the runestones by combining different ingredients. Here is a list of Runestones and the ingredient to craft them:

Name Cost Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Effect
Greater Svarog Runestone Three hundred and thirty Lesser Svarog Runestone N/A -Armor 30 Percent
Lesser Veles Runestone One hundred and ten Lesser Runestone Monstrous Dust Spellpower 2 Percent
Greater Veles Runestone Three hundred and thirty Lesser Veles Runestone N/A Spellpower 5 Percent
Lesser Runestone Ninety Five Black Pearl Dust Infused Dust N/A
Greater Chernobog Runestone Three hundred and thirty Lesser Chernobog Runestone N/A Damage Reflects 5 Percent
Lesser Stribog Runestone One hundred and Fifty Five Lesser Runestone Amethyst Dust Stagger 2 Percent
Lesser Chernobog Runestone One hundred and Ten Lesser Runestone Monstrous Essence Damage Reflects 2 Percent
Greater Stribog Runestone Four hundred and Sixty Five Lesser Stribog Runestone N/A Stagger 5 Percent
Greater Perun Runestone Three hundred and thirty Lesser Perun Runestone N/A +Adrenaline 5 Percent
Lesser Dazhbog Runestone One hundred and Seventy Lesser Runestone Amber Dust Burning 2 Percent
Lesser Perun Runestone One hundred and Ten Lesser Runestone Monstrous Brain +Adrenaline 2 Percent
Greater Dazhbog Runestone Five hundred and Ten Lesser Dazhbog Runestone N/A Burning 5 Percent
Lesser Svarog Runestone One hundred and Ten Lesser Runestone Monstrous Saliva -Armor 10 Percent
Lesser Devana Runestone One hundred and Seventy Lesser Runestone Ruby Dust Bleed 2 Percent
Greater Triglav Runestone Seven hundred and Thirty Five Lesser Triglav Runestone N/A Confuse 5 Percent
Greater Devana Runestone Five hundred and Ten Lesser Devana Runestone N/A Bleed 5 Percent
Lesser Triglav Runestone Two hundred and Forty Five Lesser Runestone Diamond Dust Confuse 2 Percent
Lesser Zoria Runestone One hundred and Ninety Five Lesser Runestone Sapphire Dust Freeze 2 Percent
Greater Morana Runestone Six hundred and Sixty Lesser Morana Runestone N/A Poison 5 Percent
Greater Zoria Runestone Six hundred and Fifteen Lesser Zoria Runestone N/A Freeze 5 Percent
Lesser Morana Runestone Two hundred and Twenty Lesser Runestone Emerald Dust Poison 2 Percent

Witcher 3 Best Runestones: Top Five

Chernobog Runestone

This runestone comes in handy when you need to pierce through your enemy’s armor. It increases the attack power of your swords near a point, making it almost invincible.

As you have to fight different enemies and not every one of them can be defeated from freezing, poison, and stun effects. But no enemy can protect themselves from a sword that gives heavy damage.

Svarog Runestone

Svarog and Chernobog give your sword the same kind of abilities, to pierce through any armor which touches the blade.

And as I said, your enemy can be immune to freezing, poison, stun, and many other effects like this but not to damage.

Svarog is more effective on human enemies and Chernobog is more effective on monsters.

Triglav and Devana Runestones

Triglav and Devana are more useful than other runestones as they are more effective and the effects last longer.

Top 5 - Witcher 3 Best Runestones

Triglav gives your sword the ability to stun your enemy, and the effect lasts longer than any other runestones effects. It allows you to attack your enemy continuously and finish them without taking a lot of damage.

On the other hand, Devana can come into the play when you are fighting an enemy who heals quickly and have a lot of health. Devana makes the enemy bleed for a long period of time, so even if the enemy heals faster or has a lot of health, they will die.

Zoria Runestone

Top 5 - Witcher 3 Best Runestones

Zoria gives your sword the freezing ability, it may not be effective on every enemy you fight, but freezing the enemy for even a small period of time can give you an upper hand in the battle.

Final Words

So, here are the Top Five Runestones according to the most the players of Witcher 3. Now go and use these runes on your enemy and defeat them. But remember,

How effective a Runestone is, also depends on the Swords power and the one who is using the sword.

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