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Best Mobile Apps for Sports Fans

Nowadays, there has been a seismic shift in the way we consume sport. Previously, we would sit for hours at our desktop computers and mindlessly scroll through reputable sites looking for the latest sports news.

But now, mobile content has come to the fore and we are downloading more sports-based apps, so we can keep ourselves in the know. Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives, especially when we are on the move and we want to digest content quickly.

So, you may ask at this point, what defines a great sports app and what are the best apps for fans? Well, to answer the first point, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, you will want to use an app that is swift and reliable, so you don’t experience any buffering issues.

You will also want an app that is well designed and user-friendly. The more inviting an app looks from a design perspective, the more likely you will want to spend time using it.

Within that, you will want to have an app that sends push notifications, so you can follow your favourite teams in real-time and not miss a single goal scored or flashpoint in any given football game.

Some of the most reputable apps around, include BBC Sport, which is free to use for iOS and Android users and you’ll get access to all the latest highlights, interview clips as well as news. With BBC Sport, the home page has a simple interface and most of the pages for sports are customised, so you can navigate around the app easily to click on the categories that interest you most.

Similarly, Bleacher Report is also a must for sports fans as it has curated content along with video highlights and live scores. Also, you will get real-time alerts for breaking news, so you can stay in the loop with what is going on.

Or if you want something even more comprehensive, then SofaScore, unlike the name of the app suggests, isn’t just for the armchair fans! You can stream matches for over 25 sports and you will also be armed with the latest statistics, so it has become a go-to option for ardent sports lovers.

In some countries, there will be certain sports that are worshipped and put on a pedestal, with India being a classic example. Cricket is the number one sport in the country and for the swathes of fans that can’t attend matches, there will be countless others who have become accustomed to placing a wager while on the move.

Indeed, many of the top cricket betting apps in India will be well equipped to meet the needs of their players. They will not only have an extensive range of markets, such as 22Bet, but they will also be great for live streaming the IPL or Test cricket, such as bet365. Also, the most reliable apps will enable you to handle your account to make deposits and they will provide a seamless experience.

From what we have seen, there is plenty to consider when making a great app that will resonate with sports fans. After all, it’s about sustaining their interest, so they keep returning to the app. If apps can deliver across some of the criteria we have outlined, then they will be onto a winner.

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