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2 Main Ways/Strategies to Book Profit from Bitcoin or any other Altcoin Crypto Currency Investment

Hi Guys, Today in this article – I will try to clear out your confusions related to cryptocurrency and how could you book your profit without worrying about your hard fork investment. In this article, You will get to know about 5 ways through which you could get your investment back and earn for a long time. It could be Ponzi scheme or bubble for someone but atleast for me, it’s an opportunity to earn a hell lot of amount.  Here is what I am personally doing for myself.

Update on 23rd October 2018: What is the best and safest bitcoin wallet?

Are you guys worried about to choose the best and safest bitcoin wallet to secure your coins? So we find out the best Bitcoin wallet for easy and secure transactions. We have chosen the best bitcoin wallet for you:

  1. Coinbase
  3. Trezor
  4. Robinhood
  5. Ledger

Few Terms Related to Crypto Currency:

What is Bitcoin?

First Decentralized digital currency launched in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It can’t be controlled by any government, bank or organization. One Bitcoin is equal to 1100000000 Satoshi.

Supply Growth of Bitcoin:

According to Wikipedia, Bitcoin has a supply growth of just 12.5 bitcoin per block until mid 2020 and afterwards it will be slow down to 6.5 bitcoin per block for next 4 years and so on. Only 21 million bitcoin will have been issued till 2110-40 and a recent study claimed “If the bitcoin will be legalised in few more countries, then 21 million is very less amount and once, Bitcoin will be open to all, the price could rise up to $1,00,000.


It’s a public ledger that records bitcoin transactions.

Bitcoin Wallet:

An address from where you can send, transfer or keep the bitcoins with you. You must remember your bitcoin wallet id, password, and the address because if you lose the address, you lose your coins.

There are 2 more terms for a crypto coin which is necessary to understand. Have a look:

FOMO Buy: (Fear of Missing Opportunity)

It’s when you see a coin going UP and you want to buy it so badly because you think you are going to miss the better opportunity. Don’t be FOMO Buyer although it’s hard but you needs to keep your nerves tight.

FUD (Fear Uncertainty Doubt):

It’s when your coin goes down and down and You are in loss if you sell your coins. Don’t sell in Panic. Just wait for a right time and take your investment back with the profits.

Cryptocoin Mining:

Mining a coin is one of the good things to do but it required a lot of time, energy, information, processor, 24-hour electricity, non-stop lease line internet connection and so on. So, I don’t suggest this method, especially for bitcoin. You can try mining of ripple and some other coins.

How to Get Bitcoins?

  1. Get yourself a Bitcoin (Blockchain) wallet by sign up at Coin Base or any other bitcoin exchange.
  2. You could get bitcoin for free by playing few games like PrimeDice, 999Dice, Roll&Ball etc.
  3. Few crypto exchange platform also provides free bitcoin if you refer your friends to that exchange platform.

How to Purchase Bitcoin in your country?

I don’t know whether you are from India, US, UK or any other country, I am here to give you the solution. It might look silly to you but here it is “Google: Top 3 Platform to purchase Bitcoin in {Your Country}”.

Here, In India, Zebpay is the most trusted platform to invest in Bitcoin. You can choose other bitcoin exchange platform too.


You can download app inside your mobile phone either it’s Android or iOS. Zebpay app is available on both platform or you can surf the website too. I have installed zebpay and you can install from this link too.

Once you purchased bitcoin from Zebpay, You could transfer it to your Poloniex or Bittrex (Digital Currency Exchange Platform) for playing with your investments.

How to invest smartly in Cryptocurrency Platform: Poloniex or Bittrex? (Digital Currency Exchange Platform)

Here are 2 main ways of investing to gain profits:

  • Invest in Alternate (Alt) Coin
  • Invest in Bitcoin

What If We Invest in Alt Coins?

There is almost 1300+ digital coin available in the crypto market in which anyone could invest their amount but before investing into alternate coins, One needs to do his own research. If you are not good at research, see the market graphs of alternate coins.

Recommended Coins: Bitcoin Cash, TenX, Dash, Ethereum, Omise Go, IOTA

Note: If we invest in Alt Coins, We will get benefited/Loss in BTC Satoshi. If we manage to increase our Satoshi, we are in double benefit i.e. the benefit of Satoshi Value into USD & the benefit of increase satoshi.

Suppose, Today, I have purchase altcoin worth 1 BTC = 100000000  Satoshi. Now, if my altcoin value goes upto 20%, then my Bitcoin will rise from 1 to 1.2 which means 120000000 Satoshi.

As we already seeing the growth of BTC into USD, Suppose you purchased BTC in $15,000 & now the rate is $17,000 so you also got the benefit in USD.

Note: If you are dealing with Alt Coin, Always look at Satoshi (In how much Satoshi, did you purchase?) – Don’t sell in a panic. Take care of FUD & FOMO Terms. Also, don’t invest at once. 

What If We Invest in BTC? Can I Make Money with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the 2 main cryptocurrencies in which you could invest directly and then use that amount into the alternate coins. That’s one of the reasons in growth of BTC prices. Here are 2 condition normally occurs while investment:

  1. Unstable BTC (Rising or Downfall of prices)
  2. Stable BTC (When the price is stable)

Unstable BTC:

Whenever you see the tremendous growth or fall in quick time, firstly just don’t invest in that period of time and If you can’t resist yourself, purchase the coin and then sit back. Look at the growth & Enjoy the earning into USD.

Note: As much as I have experienced about Bitcoin and Alt Coin Prices, If Bitcoin prices are unstable then the prices of alternate coins go down. Don’t invest into ALT Coins when BTC price is unstable.

Stable BTC:

When BTC price is stable, You could invest into alternate coins and try to increase your satoshi. Once satoshi increase, Book your profit and that’s how you could trade in a positive way.

How to Book Your Profit from Crypto Investment? – Quick & Unbeaten Trading Strategy which works for me…!

Do your invest upto 50% but take your money back because you don’t know when Crypto Investment becomes the war between Technology and Government. What if government ban crypto currency tomorrow onwards? Do you want to lose your investment in any case? If not, here is a strategy which I have implemented to take my investment back:

  1. Suppose, you have invested in BTC at the rate of $15000 & the price goes up of $18000. Go ahead and book your profit. What’s profit?

Don’t sell your complete BTC at once. Just sell the coin worth $3000 and your $15000 investment is still there into crypto trading. Then, wait for the next hike and do it again.

2. If invested in alternate coin, then always look at Satoshi. In how much Satoshi, you purchased those alternate coin and what if you sell those coins now. Let’s look at example:

Suppose, 100 TenX Coin purchased @ 1000 Satoshi/TenX = 1,00,000 Satoshi

and, 100 TenX value changed into 1,23,000 Satoshi. (Net Profit: 23000 Satoshi)

Book your 23000 Satoshi profit and let the 1,00,000 investment carry on….! What if the price is low? Wait for a right time and always sell at profits.

Here, in the second method, You have grown your Satoshi which ultimately give you the benefit in USD too.

Finally, It’s what I could share with you and learned over a period of time by losing so much money. One can’t predict the value of any coin. It’s totally dependent on the demand and supply.

Note: More awareness is bringing more investment and if Only 2% of the stock market investors invest in cryptocurrency, Crypto will become  Trillion Dollar Industry.

If you have any question, please feel free to ask and let me know if you are not satisfied with my strategies. What you didn’t like about the article and so on…! Your feedback matters alot to me.

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