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Brainstorming Business Names: TRUiC introduces AI naming tool

The name of a business is a vital aspect of the company’s brand and image. The role that it plays in the growth and perception of the company is so monumental that it can be the difference between a make or break. Names such as Apple, Google, Wikipedia, have become iconic landmarks within their field. A name that does not properly reflect the image of the company can become the downfall of what could have possibly been a lucrative venture.

First Impressions

We have based countless relationships on first impressions, and with so many competitive brands out there, customers are not as likely to give second chances. The name of your business is your first impression on a customer, it needs to convey your message and what your brand is all about. A strong name has the ability to create long-lasting relationships between consumers and the company, so it is imperative to make a lasting first impression.There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when picking a name, and picking the first option that pops into your head is not the most constructive strategy. A name conveys a message and as your company grows, so will the power that it will have to evoke emotion and thoughts.

This is a huge amount of pressure to place on finding the right name for your business. Assembling forces into a conference room so that you can spend hours scribbling potential names on a whiteboard is not the most creative solution. But finding the correct name will not materialize out of thin air whilst waiting around for a stroke of genius either.

Online Business Name Generator

TRUiC, has come up with an innovative solution to help business owners find the perfect name fit. The site features an online business name generator to help entrepreneurs find the right name for their venture. It works by utilizing artificial intelligence to generate a company name based on keywords that users provide, as well as location and field of the enterprise. These keywords should be something that perfectly aligns with your company and brand. Think about what makes your company unique, what is the purpose of your product and/or service, what is the message and impression that you want to portray to your customers. Look at other well known brands and identify the keywords that they have made synonymous with their brand. Try different keyword word combinations and try to combine your location if it could possibly help customers gain more trust in your product. Think about Italian pizza or French perfume and how the addition of location adds an extra element to the name.

The tool generates variable options in a matter of minutes and provides users with a variety of potential names, varying in name length and focus. A huge bonus is that this state of the art technology is free to use and the site conducts checks to ensure that the .COM domain is available, making it a convenient domain name generator at the same time. TRUiC also provides a number of other business resources that help make the entrepreneurship journey easier to navigate.

Final Thoughts

Your name is going to be your entrance into your industry. With small businesses gaining traction thanks to ecommerce, the market is going to eventually, if it is not already, packed with competitors who provide a similar service. Which is why you should strive to make sure that your brand is what comes to a customer’s mind first when thinking about the product or service that you offer.

A carefully curated name will allow your business to become a household one by making your brand distinctive enough to get picked out from the herd. It should be simple, easy to remember and have a link to your industry, whilst still standing out from the rest. As daunting as this task may seem due to all of the pressure attached to the importance of picking the perfect name, the use of online tools and resources such as TRUiC’s online name generator is an excellent solution to help not only pick the name that will hopeful help build your business but one that will become synonymous with your industry.

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