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Most Common Q & A Related To Candy Crush Saga Game

Did you hear about “Candy Crush Saga” the most running game in Facebook or smartphones??? I am pretty sure as it’s one of the finest game in the world in which a one needs to match candy and complete the levels. Initially candy crush saga released for Facebook on April 12, 2012 and after that for smart phones on November 14,2012.

According to a research, candy crush saga is played by 45 million people in a month. People of all ages love to play this game and many of them got addicted to this game. Almost 10 million people play candy crush saga on Facebook and smartphones everyday. As the time passes, its popularity is increasing day by day.

Candy crush saga is a match three game in which the players has to match candies for scoring. This game is divided into episodes and every episode has different challenges for its players. Players have to adjust the pieces of candies on the game board for making pairs of same colours. After bursting the pairs of candies, the new candies takes place. For power ups candies, player have to make four or more matches. Player have to clear goals in certain time and moves. Candy crush saga is free online game but players can buy special actions of their choice for clearing more complicated boards.

Who Invented Candy Crush Saga?

Candy crush saga was invented by ”KING DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT Ltd” running its business as KING. King is the well known name in video game industry. This company was founded in August 2003. Its headquarter is in London. Candy crush saga gave the company quick fame.The CEO of the company is Riccardo Zacconi.

What Makes Candy Crush Saga So Addictive?

Candy crush saga make the players so addictive that they forget their duties after involving in this game. For reaching new levels, people forget to sleep, housewives miss their daily work and even some people got injured. According to a study 32% people out of 1000, ignore their close ones for this game.

The main reason which make the game addictive is that the game is so simple to play. Even a 4 years old baby can play it easily. At start you win and pass levels easily which give you satisfaction. When we feel satisfied, our brain release a neurochemical called dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical which allow our mind to continue actions done by us.

As time passes game become more tough to play and takes irregular intervals which increase the players interest. In this game we wins more and lose less. No one can predict when next victory occur. These things encourage us to play and more involvement means more addiction.

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Candy crush rewards the players with the words ‘sweet’ ‘delicious’ which encourage them to play.

As the game’s amalgamation with Facebook which provoke the player to be better against their friends. This thing tie them to clearing more levels.

Why do people keep sending candy crush request on Facebook?

Now we talk about sending requests on Facebook. This game is played by a large number of people all over the world. There are some noticeable things which encourage the players to engage more people in it.


We all have beautiful childhood memories and when we play this we remember our past. Sweet candies takes us back in our childhood.

Unforeseen Award:

In candy crush saga we can not predict that what will happen next and unexpected things makes the people more engaging.There are lot of things in candy crush saga which happens suddenly and make u win.

The feeling of mastery:

Candy crush saga is a so simple game to play and when people got victory in different levels they became happy and satisfied. A successful player feels like master and he send requests to his or her close ones.

What is the best trick to play candy crush saga?

I waste my several hours in bursting candies. Here I am going to state the tricks to play candy crush saga..

  1. Firstly you have to recognize the candies which make a special candy. By using them on your game board you can get ticket for next level. So memorize those candies.

2. Always start at the bottom.

3.Two combinations of wrapped candy and striped candy , sprinkle donut hole and striped candy can wipe out over the half the board..

4. You should adjust candy in the same direction, it may be horizontally or vertically.

5. Candy crush saga suggest you moves when you miss a move. Do not follow it. You should choose yourself because the game never suggest the best ones.

6. There are many boosters in the game which candy crush saga rewards you time to time. But it is very important to know which booster you should use or not.

7. Always play with a plan and strategy. Notice the toughest elements and make plans to defeat them.

Well…..I have described the tricks which you can follow while playing candy crush saga. I think you guys follow them and get benefit. If you have more tips, do not hesitate to share because I love to explore new ones.



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