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7 Cash-themed Games to Play Right Now

Have you found yourself sitting at home looking for things to do? Flicking through the channels or Netflix seems like an everlasting challenge in search of something good to watch. Why not try something fun, bring some friends to your home, and play a casino-themed game? These games are entertaining, and with so many available, there is something you can all enjoy. Here are our top seven casino-themed games you can play right now.


Blackjack is a game of counting. The aim of the game is to collect cards to accumulate a total value of 21 or as close as possible without going over this number. The player wins if they are closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand, or the dealer goes bust, and his card adds up to higher than 21. Players can take as many cards as they want from the dealer until they hold, which means they stop collecting cards or have gone bust. One of the best online casino gambling games to play, Blackjack gives you a better chance of winning if you follow the rules.


There are a few variations of poker, but the most classic is the five-card draw. If you’re playing this game at home, it’s good to go all in and set the mood by having all the players arrive in dark glasses, caps, and everything else seen by the professionals. Each player is given five cards. Players then take turns placing their first bet. Cards are discarded by the dealer and then later replaced to improve the hand. The second hand is placed, and each player reveals their hand. The best hand is the winner and takes the pot.

Chase The Ace

If you’re looking for one of the most fun casino-themed games, chase the ace could be a good choice for you. For everyone involved, you will create lots of laughs and suspense as everyone sits at the end of their seats, wondering where the ace could be. The game is pretty simple, each player is only dealt one card, but the idea is to not be the person with the lowest value card at the end of the round’s trading.

If you feel you have a high card, you can choose to stick, or you can trade with the person sitting to your left. The game continues until the last person is stuck with a card which is now presumably the lowest in the deck. The ace. They can now stick with the card they are holding or choose to swap it for a card from the deck. For the round, they gain immunity if they reveal an A, along with any other value card. Each player reveals their card, and the person with the lowest is the loser.

Go Fish

Another casino game for the whole family is, go fish. You will need to set up two tables seating five people at each. Grab some poker chips and place a card deck on each table. Get every player to sit around the table and hand them each five cards and place the deck into the center of the table. The game aims for each player to collect four ranking cards, such as four twos or a straight. Essentially finding the best poker hand with the cards they’ve been given. Each player will go around and ask the others if they have the cards they are searching for to complete their deck. If the player does not, they will say the words “go fish,” meaning they must draw a card and a poker chip. The player who goes out first and collects the least amount of poker chips is the winner.


Roulette is another cash-themed game that can be enjoyed by many, whether it is at the casino, online, or home. A ball is rolled into a spinning horizontal wheel divided into sections where the ball can eventually rest. Each player bets where they believe the ball is going to land. It is hard to know where roulette dates back to, but there are many theories, some connecting back to Monks. Some researchers have claimed roulette was created by a monk who was bored with the monotonous life in the monastery, so he wanted to add a little fun to everyday life.

Roll The Dice

Roll the dice has always been an easy, fun game and can be a great casino-themed game to play right now. Don’t forget the prizes, and know that this game is for everyone. It’s really easy to pick up and will become a firm favorite. If you want to play at home, you will first need to put together two cardboard boxes. Paint the boxes completely white and then paint black dots to resemble dice. Set up a big enough space to play the game. Put strings or rope at one end of the room to represent the starting point. In teams, roll the dice to the finish line and back to the ropes. The first person back wins the points, and the person with the most points wins. A fun casino-related game for the entire family.

Slot Machines

There is no better feeling than the thrill of hearing the bells ringing after your spin has hit the jackpot. Slot machines are a staple in casinos worldwide. These machines are more than just fun for the customer, they deliver an important contribution to the growth of the casino industry, providing jobs, tax dollars, and economic growth across the country.

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