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How Color Matters alot While Creating Brand Perception with Examples.

Either you are starter or you are running good business, If you don’t have perception value for your brand then you are missing a lot of money on your desk. Choosing a color matters alot while creating brand value and marketing them. Today, in this post, I am trying to clear you the meaning of few colors along with brand examples.

  • 1 Psychology of Colors in Branding & Marketing:
    • 1.1 Meaning of color & their Brand Examples:
  • 2 Men & Women Most & Least Favorable Colors:

Psychology of Colors in Branding & Marketing:

Selection of color is one of the most critical and controversial part of the marketing. Selection of color depends on the psychology of people, their cultures, experience and upbringing and hence, we can’t give concrete results for same. Although, we are trying here to understand the psychology of colors generally.

Meaning of color & their Brand Examples:

Below mention colors schemes are the best colors that sell for logo in 2018 for branding and marketing. Here, you will get to know “How to choose colors for brand logo”

Significance of Red Color:

Red color means the most active color, passionating and exciting about something. It’s the color of blood and hence, it is also used as a warning sign on traffic signals. If you are empowering, showing some sort of leadership related brand or dealing into food industry, then you could use red color logo for increasing their ambition.

Examples of Logo in Red Color:
  • Virgin, Lego, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Red-Bull

Significance of Pink Color:

Why girls like pink color? I hope you know the answer still let me tell you the important aspect of pink color. Pink color shows the color of love, respect, femine, warmth, care, nurturing and unconditional. Pink color also used by those brands who show possibilities. You can choose pink color if you are dealing into especifically woman industry such as hair, oil, nail, fashion bags industry.

Brands who use pink color:
  • Barbie, Donut King, Eagle Boys, Hello Kitty

Significance of Purple color:

If you want to show something deep, fantasy, creativity, uniqueness, compassion then the purple color is best option to use your logo or website.

Brands who use purple color logo:
  • Cadbury, Asprey, Loreal, Yahoo, HallMark

Meaning & Use of Navy Color:

Did you ever see big brands using navy color in their logos? Why do they use navy color? What’s the significance? Navy color brings the trust, loyality, sincere, authority, confidence, peace in making & marketing the brand perception.

Navy Color Brands Logo:
  • FaceBook, Johns Hopkins, Jet Airways, Reebok, Judson University.

Green Color Significance:

Just check out the logo of any healthcare brand and you will get to know the significance of green color. Green color brings the perception of growth, balance, clarity, prosperity, safety, positivity and nature-friendly inside the brands.

Brands who use Green Color in their Logo:
  • Acer, Android Version, Heineken, Jaguar, Nvidia, Subway, Lacoste, Tic-Tac

Blue Color Significance:

If you want to show some sort of controlling or content authority, ambition, modern or if you want to aware or set the goal perception, then you can use blue color while choosing the color for your brand logo.

Blue Color Brand Logo Examples:
  • Internet Explorer, Intel, Skype, WordPress, Twitter, IBM, HP, Pepsi

Orange Color Significance:

Freedom, extrovert, impulse, motivation, spontaneity, gut reaction, optimistic are few perceptions which you could use in your brands if you want to build your perception with these type of feelings.

Examples of Orange color logo:
  • Amazon, SoundCloud, Nick, McDonald, MasterCard, Blogspot etc.

Yellow Color Significance:

If you want to attract someone or if you want to give warning, then yellow color is best representation of your brand. It brings more attraction and considered as a high arousal color. The yellow color is one of the best colors that sell in 2018.

Brands using Yellow Color:
  • BestBuy, Nikon, Ferrari, Hertz, DHL, Stanley, Sprint, McDonald

Above images also showing color palettes according to the feelings or perception of brands which needs to be market in future. Even, if you are targeting specific audience such as man or woman, then you need to check out the color psychology or favorite colors of man & woman.

Men & Women Most & Least Favorable Colors:

While choosing brand logo for marketing & prospecting purpose, you need to narrow and understand your audience, set perception & then color combination for them, get reviews from peoples and get the final work done.

If you have any question, please let us know and we will be more than happy to convey you our best response in terms of creating your own customized brand perception.

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