February Special Days List 2021 for lovers | Valentine Week Datesheet

Valentine’s day is the most awaited day in the whole year for the lovers across the world. In the entire earth, this day officially allows a lover to express his or her feelings to their respective crushes. So every lover eagerly waits this day. Valentine’s day which observed or celebrated on the 14th February of every year also preceded by a week, known as valentines week. As always this valentines week is starting from 7th Feb 2021. The seven days from 7th of February to 14th of February known as lovers week or as romance week. Here we are going through all the special days for the lovers in February month or the Valentine Week Datesheet.

Valentine Week Datesheet of February!

Valentine Week Datesheet
 Valentines day week list

Valentine’s day is a week for lovers and this week contains seven different days with ultimate romance. A valentine day includes rose day, the first day of the valentine week. Propose day; this one is the second day of this most famous lovers concept week. Then teddy day, hug day, promise day, chocolate day, kiss day respectively, but later in last Valentine’s day itself. Below we are mentioning all the information about the week and the datasheet, so it will be easy for you to remember. But there is a conception after a lovely valentines week an anti-valentines week also there. Which is occurs from 15th to 21st Feb?

Rose Day Wednesday 7th February 2021
Propose Day Thursday 8th February 2021
Chocolate Day Friday 9th February 2021
Teddy Day Saturday 10th February 2021
Promise Day Sunday 11th February 2021
Hug Day Monday 12th February 2021
Kiss Day Tuesday 13th February 2021
Valentines Day Wednesday 14th February 2021


 Valentine Week Days List 2021

Rose Day

                                                                 Happy  Rose Day Images

Rose is considered as the symbol of love, every year valentines day started with this day named Rose day. The first day in Valentine Week Datesheet, Held on 7th of February. On this special day, people give roses or rose themed gifts to the near and dears to show the love and gratitude. different colors of rose show different types of expression. White rose shows the pure love, yellow rose shows the friendship. Pink roses show the respect. While the colors show different types of feelings but everyone agrees that Rose Day is the perfect time to gift your loved ones.

Propose Day

propose day images 2018
                                                            Happy propose day images

Propose day is held every year on 8th of the February, this one is the second day of the valentines week. On this day many peoples propose their crush, beloved and dears. On this day everyone is allowed to propose to anyone. Telling someone that how much you love him or her, makes them know how they important to you and your life. So it gives a beautiful feeling.

Chocolate Day

Happy Chocolate Days Images 2018
Happy Chocolate Days Images

This one is the most beautiful day of the valentines week. This one is celebrated on 9th of the February. On this day you can surprise your partner with lots of chocolates. Chocolates tempt your love and your sweetness to him or her.If you good at cooking then you can try cooking multiple flavored cakes.

Teddy Day

Teddy Day Images
Teddy Day Images

This one is all favorite. On the day a male lover gifts his beloved a teddy bear or a soft toy as a symbol of love. But not everyone loves teddy, then what to do? Probably, you could arrange a special outing with your special lady. You can plan a dinner date or an action romantic movie. This will make your bond strong.

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Promise Day

Happy Promise Day Images

This day is the most important day, known as promise day and it held on 11th February. You want to promise some to never leave, never pour your love, being always with him/her then it’s the day, it’s the day on which you can promise and remember it easily as it is known as promised day.

Hug Day

Happy Hug Day Images
        Happy Hug Day Images

In Valentine Week Datesheet, It comes on 6th day. A hug does not mean to open up the arms and grab someone, its all about the emotion and more than that. It’s not a physical welcome or something it connects the soul. for which on every 12th of the February we celebrated Hug day as to cheer up our near and dear ones.

Kiss Day

      Happy Kiss Day Images

It is the 7th day of the valentines week. On this day every couple or beloved kiss their lovers to get captured by the soul. This one is celebrated before the valentines day.

Valentines Day! 

Here it comes the grand!c This day is celebrated on 14th of February. Be ready to dance, to go out, to play games, to enjoy the day with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Make sure you have planned the Valentines day earlier to not make any mistakes. You lover will be happy to be with you this day. Here it ends the Valentine Week Datesheet but it’s the only end of Valentine Weeks there is an anti-valentines week.

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Enjoy each day, enjoy the week, give a rose, take the rose, propose, kiss, hug give chocolate, go on dates and enjoy the week. This week comes ones in a year so don’t ruin it. Just save and bookmark this Valentine Week Datesheet of 2021.