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Popular Valentine Day Party Dance Themes for Adult lovers

New Valentine’s day party dance themes for adult lovers.

Valentine’s day is the celebration of love, it is the day celebrated to celebrate the essence of love and glorify all that love has brought to us. You can plan a lot of things during Valentine’s day, it can be a cozy dinner with your partner, a special surprise for your loved one and a lot more but if you are someone who is looking forward to hosting a party this Valentine’s day then surely nothing is better than this. There are so many things that one can try out on Valentine’s day party to make your party really unique, happening and fun filled for your guests.

There can be a lot of great food planned, a lot of fun games that can be played but if it comes about a dance on Valentine’s day, then this idea would surely would make it to the list of a really happening party. We are here to help you out in spicing up your party and making it really rocking and fun.

Folding the paper.

Well, this one is surely a classic, we all have seen it or heard about it but this one surely never goes out of style. The rule of this game is really simple, all you need to do is to just place a big paper  each on the dance floor for every couple who is supposed to dance and then after each round you have to fold the paper into the half, the couple who manages to dance till the paper is reduced to the smallest size would be the winner of the game, this game is not just too much fun but it also brings the couples really close, like literally!

Don’t let the balloon fall.

Well, this one is again a super fun game that you can make all the couples play in your party, this game is also so much fun, all you need to do is to make two people dance but the twist here is that without using their hands, they have to maintain a balloon between them , they have to make sure that the balloon doesn’t fall, they will be considered out if the balloon falls. So it is really simple to decide who is going to win the game, you just need to see who lasts the longest with the balloon, the couple who has the balloon between them for the longest time would be considered a winner.

Let’s swap blindfolded.

This is another fun dance game that you would love to keep in your Valentine’s party, this is also a really fun game which will also help in couple’s testing their bonds, all that the couple’s need to do in this dance game is that they will all have a blindfold on, and thus, they will not be able to see anything on the dance floor, there will be a couple dance going on in the dance floor where the couples will be dancing without seeing anything and when the organizer will say swap then they will have to change partners, again without seeing anything. So whoever reaches their partner first and the partner is able to identify them would be considered the winner of this game.

The handcuffed couple.

Well, this game is also so much fun, in this game there would be a screen in front of the couples where there would be some dance playing and the couples will have to enact that same dance but the catch here is that the couple will be wearing handcuffs in this game so this will make it more interesting and funny maybe! So whoever reaches the closest to the dance that is performed on the screen in terms of moves is going to win the game.

Get everyone on the dance floor.

The organizers of the party surely have a lot of things to take care of in a party, be it about the guest list, the invited people having fun, the games, organizing everything can be surely a task so it is fair to give the organizers too a break so to start this whole dancing ritual and games, the organizer couples will start this by playing a mini song and then as soon as song stops, they have to change the partners and thus, will have more people on the dance floor and this would be done till everyone is on the dance floor. This one is surely an innovative and fun way to get everyone on the dance floor.

We hope you will enjoy these fun games with your guests at your Valentine’s day party, we hop that your Valentine’s day ends with a blast. Wish you a happy Valentine’s day fro the entire team of HitechGazette.

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