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Destiny 2 – Event Rework, Basic Details About the New Dungeon, Warehouse Expansion, and More

The official Destiny 2 website published the newest news regarding the content of the upcoming Season 17, which will start on May 24, and has been dubbed “Season of the Haunted” based on data mining. However, contrary to popular belief, the developers chose to discuss the processing of events, the core characteristics of the new dungeon, and a variety of highly pleasant adjustments this time. All of this will be quickly discussed in this post.

Let’s start with the most important changes and interesting information.

  • Starting with Season 17, the premium edition of the Witch Queen DLC will be lowered by 25%.
  • The maximum warehouse size will be increased from 500 to 600 slots in Season 17.
  • The 4 main light level ceilings will be raised by 10 according to the standard scheme, so in season 17 the hard cap will be 1570.
  • The final chest of the Challenge of Eternity now drops 3 Strange Coins instead of just one.
  • If I understand the intent correctly, players will no longer be able to hold Xur hostage in the location so that he does not disappear after the reset.
  • From the text of the news, we managed to find out that another dungeon will be added in season 19, and based on the pattern “Season 16 is a new raid, Season 17 is a new dungeon”, most likely we will get a new raid in season 18 (various “leaks” have already hinted at this since they mention the King’s Fall raid from the first part).

I think a lot of people would agree that Destiny 2 is the kind of game where the real fun comes after the story part. And the main interest is the raids – joint missions for 6 players, which are a set of complex tasks and require close interaction between the players. In addition to the usual battle with enemies, they include special tasks for battle groups. Raids do not initially have any path markers or explicit targets. Destiny 2 raid usually contains encounters (rooms or skirmishes) with various bosses, culminating in the final battles with legendary bosses.

Event Rework

At the moment, there are only 4 major events in Destiny 2: Guardian Games, Solstice of Heroes, Festival of the Lost, and The Dawning, and the developers plan to rework them, improving them in one way or another. First in line is Solstice of Heroes, which they plan to launch on June 19th and make the following changes to it:

  • For some reason, it will drop the “of Heroes” prefix and will now simply be called Solstice.
  • Integrate a new system “Event Challenges” (about it a little later).
  • The process of improving special event armor will become considerably easier, as duties will be replaced by the aforementioned “Event Challenges,” and you will only have to upgrade one piece of armor during the whole event, as well as the opportunity to “reroll” armor features.
  • Finally, the European Aerial Zone event zone will receive the new Bonfire Bash mode. The basis of the game, based on the notion, is that players must construct specific flames and guard them against waves of opponents.

Event Challenges are a special event version of the regular tournament format, including a unique item called an “Event Card,” as well as numerous tasks, awards, titles, and seals. Unlike seasonal chores, all event tasks are open right when the event begins, and as you accomplish them, you’ll receive a variety of prizes, including shaders, symbols, equipment, and special tickets.

The event competition system is free for all gamers by default, however, you may upgrade your Event Card goods in the Everserve shop for 1000 currency donations if you desire. This will give you access to more awards, and the current list of all prizes is as follows:

  • Exotic emote provided immediately after purchasing an upgrade.
  • When you buy an upgrade, you get an Exotic Ghost.
  • When you buy an upgrade, you get a Legendary shader.
  • Tickets were traded for a Legendary emote.
  • Tickets were traded for a Legendary ghost hologram.
  • Tickets were traded for a Legendary ship.
  • Legendary character spawn effect exchanged for tickets.

The inclusion of new events and multi-event seals is the final intriguing development. The first type of seal is awarded as soon as the gamer completes all event tests, while the second type requires completion of tests in all events during the game year.

New dungeon

In the conclusion of the article, I will make a small preview of the main features of the new dungeon.

Even though the season begins on May 24, the dungeon will not open its doors until May 27. Interesting and uncommon, as well as standard and master difficulty levels, will be accessible right away.

The recommended light level for the regular version is 1550, and for the master, alas, they did not announce it, but most likely it is higher than 1560-1570.

In terms of equipment, you will receive the following:

  • 1 legendary set for each class, master difficulty drops an improved version;
  • 4 new unique legendary guns;
  • 2 returned and worked out guns;
  • 1 exotic weapon and a catalyst for it, most likely you will have to go to the master difficulty for it.

As for cosmetic items, you will receive 2 emblems, and 1 exotic ship or bike. In the original, it says “or”, which looks very strange and incomprehensible.

And a small nasty fly in the ointment: in order to access the dungeon, the player must purchase season 17, that is, it is not included in the free segment. However, this is not the only way, a key will be added to the store that opens access to the dungeon, and you will have to pay 2000 donations of currency for it (it seems like it is even more expensive than the season).

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