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5 DIY Hacks to Fix Scratched Glasses

Fix Scratched Glasses

Do you wear glasses?

Does it look like this

Scratches! Scratches! Everywhere?

Do you know how to fix this? OR

Most importantly – Do you wanna fix this?

I know you do. That’s why you’re here. Isn’t it?

Thankfully! You’re at the right place as up next, I’ll share 5 DIY Hacks to fix scratched glasses.

Preventing scratches to your glasses

Wait! Before I share the DIY hacks, you should know that there are some preventative measures you can to prevent scratches on your glasses.

Some may not agree with me but preventing scratches is the right way to move forward.

When you buy glasses offline or in a discounted sale online, you get them in a hard case. These hard cases are then used to store your glasses.

And not only glasses but these frames are also used to safeguard your frames from breaking or getting bent out of shape.

Many of you make mistakes by throwing glasses face down on the table, in your pocket, or even purse, leave it in the car & vice versa.

Don’t do that.

This destroys the anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant coating. Hence, damaging the lens to look cracked.

Instead, always have a microfiber cloth handy and an optometrist-approved lens cleaning spray with yourself. And whenever you’ve got some spare time, clean the glasses to make them look new.

5 Quick Hacks to Fix Scratched Glasses

Now, coming to the hacks, these are 5 hacks you can use to fix scratched glasses. Let’s get straight into this:


When I first found out about Toothpaste as a DIY hack, I was like ‘WHAT?’

Bitmoji Image

Even I was baffled. But truth be told, it’s a great hack that can fix the scratch problem for you. And the best thing is everyone has toothpaste at their home. So, you don’t have to look for it anywhere.

All you’ve to do is apply a small amount of non-abrasive toothpaste to cotton wool and slowly & steadily remove the scratch.

From minor to deeper scratches, it’s a quick & easy hack for minor scratches. It’s quite possible that the scratches won’t go in one or two attempts. So, you’ve to repeat this process quite a few times to make it work.

Baking Soda

What if you don’t know you’ve got a non-abrasive toothpaste or you don’t have it with yourself?

What would you do?

If you don’t want to damage your glasses, it becomes quite obvious of you to look for another way out. That’s where baking soda helps.

It’s yet another DIY household trick that does the same thing for yourself.

And the best thing is you can find it in your house and in case, you aren’t that keen baker, you can always head over to the supermarket to purchase it.

To use baking soda on your specs, you simply have to create a paste & you can do that by adding water with baking soda. And then use a scratch-free cloth to rub it into your lenses. That’s it. Wash it off and repeat if necessary.

Vehicle Cleaner Wax

The wax that’s used to polish vehicles can be used to clear scratches on your glasses. Have you ever thought of that?

Well, no one would. But it’s a fact that Vehicle Cleaners are a great way to Fix scratches on the glass as well as the plastic lens.

Apply the Vehicle wax on the scratched area of the glass with a soft cotton cloth. You’ve to gently rub the area until the scratch disappears permanently.

That’s it. The Vehicle cleaning wax fills in the scratches and removes scratches easily.

Glass Etching Cream

Using glass etching cream is a way better technique to fix scratches on glasses. Any commonly available glass etching cream having hydrofluoric acid can do the job on plastic eyeglasses.

Apply a thick coat of glass etching cream on the surface of the lenses and let the cream settle down, say, for around 5 minutes without rubbing the lenses. Then, rinse the lenses and wipe them off with a clean cotton cloth.

The glass etching cream will peel off along with the scratches thereof. The glass etching cream is harmful to glass lenses and should be avoided in such cases.

No matter how simple the process is, this technique can be a little costly and risky, however, if the cream is left for more than 5 minutes, there is a high chance of lenses getting damaged.

The mentioned methods are temporary quick-fixes that work on the eyeglasses but do not guarantee 100% surety of removing scratches. If the scratch is stubborn, deep, and hard, then these remedies will not be beneficial.

Moreover, it is a risky business, as the lenses may get more damaged through any of the above processes, and instead of doing good, you could end up harming lenses more.

Not to forget, the harsh chemicals can rip off or damage other coatings as well. Therefore, if you feel you are unable to remove the scratches from your glasses on your own, it is better to seek the services of experts.

Metal Polish

Last but not least DIY hack is Metal Polish. The use of Brass, Silver is a great way to remove scratches from the plastic frames. Use a ball of cotton wool to apply a small amount of polish to the scratched part.

Rub it on for some time. Then use a clean soft cloth to remove the extra from the frames gently.

P.S. Don’t use this method on lenses as this will harm the coatings.

Final Thoughts

So, these are some quick hacks you can use yourself to fix scratched glasses.

But before that, when you buy a new set of glasses, don’t think of it getting scratches, instead focus on preventing those scratches

That’s all for now.

If you need further help or have any questions, do let us know about this in the comments section given below. In the meanwhile, if you’re into the DIY stuff, do check out my other post where I’ve posted Custom Enamel Lapel Soft & Hard Pins Methods.

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