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Earn WoW Gold in Shadowlands [2021]


Previously I shared a way to earn wow gold by defeating the Bosses.

Now, the new World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, brings with it lots of new WoW items, ways to earn WoW gold, and much more to the forefront of the game.

But how does gearing in the MMORPG’s latest addition work? Here are a few tips on how you can get your gear up to speed in Shadowlands.


For starters, you should be looking into getting to max level, then start participating in the max level story quests. This will then unlock various different systems within your covenant to help get your gear where it needs to be.

Some systems will give you additional avenues for gearing, whilst questing is also a way of finding some decent WoW items in the process.

Once you have access to World Quests, this is something you should look into also. You can find on your map where World Quests are that can grant you gear, though they seem to work towards the max reward quicker in Shadowlands.

Don’t forget to keep checking out World Quests so that you can potentially find each item your gearset needs.

Taking on Dungeons

To get your gear to where you need it to be, you will probably be spending most of your time in dungeons. If you want to avoid having to buy WoW gold, then normal dungeons can be great for crafted gear.

Meanwhile, heroic dungeons are going to take you to another level when it comes to the rewards that you will receive. You can rest assured that this is the easiest method for 171 gear, though you will need to hit item level 155 before you can do so.

By combining normal dungeon gear with grafting gear, as well as what you picked up in the story quests, you will be to gear up at a decent rate.

If you do want to try and avoid the need to reach the specific item level, then having a full group can help you to get straight into heroic dungeons.

Having crafted gear then going into these dungeons is arguably the quickest way for you to gear up since you won’t have to do normal dungeons.

Moving onto mythic dungeons after this will see higher-level gear dropping, which is the best place for you to get this kind of gear in the early stages of Shadowlands.

Your upgrades are going to be needed to help guide you through these dungeons, since they are difficult to overcome, With that in mind, you should try and make sure that you utilize the heroic dungeons as much as you can before you attempt mythic dungeons so that you are ready for them. Having a group to help you out will make life easier as well.

Engage in PvP

If you want to go for an entirely different change of pace, then Player vs Player is a great method to go for. You will find that there is a vendor in PvP for you to purchase gear from, so feel free to buy what you need.

They start at item level 158, so you are looking at a gear level that is around that found in normal dungeons. You can then farm further honor to upgrade the new gear that you have managed to get.

The issue here is that when it comes to the gear that you buy, you can only level it up so far. It is still very much a viable way of you getting your gear up to speed if you do want to focus on PvP, though you do need to be aware that there are limitations.

This is because you need to farm the right amount of renown for your unrated PvP gear items, so there is a much slower rate of gearing in this method.

Your maximum item level will be lower than dungeons, so if that is something that might be of concern, it might be worth sticking with the former method. Since dungeons are more efficient and can help you get to grips with leveling at a quicker pace, as opposed to what PvP has to offer you.

Final Thoughts

So you have been looking for those precious WoW items that will see your gearing level reach new heights. Now that Shadowlands is here, you should have a better idea now of how you can level up your gear.

There are a few different paths that you can choose from, some of which are better than others. But it’s ultimately best to cater it to your style of play unless you are willing to get out of your comfort zone now and again to reach your full potential in World of Warcraft.

Whichever way you choose, it’s great to see a new expansion to the game, and how we can help gear up our characters with a variety of exciting methods.

Have you tried these Gearing up in Shadowlands methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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