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Effective Bankroll Apps for Online Gambling

Undoubtedly, compulsive gambling is a condition that can destroy the lives of people prone to impulse control disorders. Betting activities stimulate the brain’s reward system, like alcohol and drugs, leading to addiction-forming habits. Thankfully, only a tiny portion of the population can become a victim of this disorder, as research from Yale Medicine shows that only 1% of adults are susceptible to developing this condition.

Still, even though a minuscule number of people can fall prey to the dangers one of the most enjoyed US pastimes may bring, it is wise to take necessary precautions to avoid excessive gambling. The problems caused by it are not only financial. They may also include anxiety, depression, strains on personal relationships, social alienation, and more. These difficulties can affect people of all backgrounds and levels of intelligence. Thankfully, technology has advanced to where gambling remotely is possible, but it has also facilitated multiple methods that stop individuals from over-indulging in this hobby.

According to most gaming veterans, proper money management is the most vital skill for a successful gambler. It requires setting aside a slot or blackjack bankroll, allotted funds that one is willing to lose for partaking in gambling entertainment, and establishing rules which determine how much one should stake on any given wager.

Multiple mobile apps can help with this. As the interactive gaming sphere is an industry valued at $63 billion, millions are in dire need of such software. And below, the five best options from this category get presented.


According to its developers and several app ranking charts, Wally is the number one finance app that lets people automatically keep track of their spending and budgets, allowing them to maintain clarity and control over their finances. It works in such a way that it centralizes all of a user’s accounts so they can learn to manage and improve their finances faster. Wally delivers bank-level security by syncing a user’s financial institution accounts to their Wally one using high-end encryption end-to-end. The app is also PCI and GDPR-compliant, plus ISO 27001-certified. It has a global network with fifteen thousand banks in seventy countries and can utilize over two hundred currencies, letting Wally users easily track and convert foreign transactions. Note that paid and free versions of this software exist on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Easy Bankroll

Created by Titanium Data, a company with only this app in its portfolio, Easy Bankroll is a smartphone software dedicated to gambling. It debuted in May 2014 and is lightweight, boasting a total size of around 3 MB. The technology/code behind it is simple, as it is a list and tracking tool. It allows users to set session limits, add locations and games, view stats, and manage their wins at losses at specific sites and venues. It is a simple way to know how much and when one has spent on gambling fun.

Poker Bankroll Tracker

Despite popular belief, online poker is still ongoing, and people can participate in heads-up games with $20 to start over the internet. Poker Bankroll Tracker by Filavission does what its name suggests. It saves gamblers’ card sessions, allowing them to input data for each one. That way, they can have a detailed overview of their bankroll. The app has multiple filtering options that can supply in-depth statistics and aid card sharks in discovering leaks in their game. It also features odds, deals, and payout calculators. The visuals of this software are reminiscent of that of high-end stock counterparts, and it can produce nifty graphs.

Poker Stack

Poker Stack is another card bankroll management app in the vein of Poker Bankroll Tracker. It has a free and Pro version, both available for iOS and Android users, and they supply more than forty different statistical categories. Poker Stack can tell its users how much they are winning per hour or each month and what are a player’s best ups and downs in a specified period. Moreover, it can help gamblers visualize their progress by letting them use multiple charts that filter their activity by location, blinds, types of games, and more.


Bet-Analytix is an app for sports bettors that records all wager types, meaning back and lay ones, singles, accumulators, and system bets. Gamblers can also use it to get detailed statistics regarding their bets and bankroll, share this data with others, export it, and obtain real-time notifications about surpassing limits or going over projected milestones. Bet-Analytix also allows gamblers to monitor famous tipsters, acquaintances, and other gambling professionals to see how they are betting. Bet-Analytix’s analyzer tool is super handy and can help optimize sports bets, increasing their ROI. The same can be said for the app’s provided balance sheet. Know that Bet-Analytix can get simply integrated with a site’s HTML code. Thus, that is a massive benefit for those running online services.

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