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Elden Ring DLC Lore Story and Spoilers [2024]

Elden Ring DLC Lore refers to the additional story content and narrative details introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for the game Elden Ring.

This expansion, developed by FromSoftware, explores the history and mythology of the game’s world, particularly focusing on the character Miquella and his journey in the Land of Shadow.

The DLC expands on the lore of Elden Ring, providing new insights into the game’s story, characters, and the broader universe.

Elden Rind DLC Lore Story

The story of Shadow of the Erdtree revolves around a new God, Micha, and his competition with the Erdtree for dominion. Here’s the complete history of the Lands Between, the Erdtree, and Micha.

The Lands Between were once ruled by the Crucible, a powerful force. Evidence of this Crucible can be found throughout the Lands Between, including the Lands of Shadow. The Crucible Knights were defenders of the Crucible, and their armor hints at a connection to the Erdtree.

The Erdtree supplanted the Crucible and became the dominant power. The Erdtree brought order to the Lands Between, but it also purged anything related to the Crucible. Some fled to the Lands of Shadow, which became a sort of refuge for those who did not conform to the Erdtree’s rule.

One group who fled to the Lands of Shadow is the Horned Sentient people. They have a deep connection to the Crucible and view it as a spiral tree reaching up to the heavens. Their traditions and practices are considered taboo by the Erdtree.

Another inhabitant of the Lands of Shadow is Micha. Micha is the son of Marika, the Erdtree’s founder, and he is considered to be cursed. He desires to bring about a new age and free the people of the Lands Between from the Erdtree’s control.

The story concludes with a battle between you, the champion of the Erdtree, and Micha. You defeat Micha and solidify your place as the new Lord.

10 Elden Ring DLC Lore Discoveries

Here are 10 lore discoveries related to Elden Ring:

  1. Morgott’s Body Used to Create Radahn: Mohg’s body was not only used to access the realm of Shadow but also taken to form the Radahn we meet in battle. It seems like this might have been Marika’s plan all along. Radahn doesn’t have fur on his armor anymore, instead sprouting Mohg’s Omen horns. This suggests that Mohg’s soul has been discarded and Radahn is nothing more than a puppet.

  2. Radahn’s Soul Returns Only After Fight: When we meet the puppet Radahn, Marika says “Now the Vow will be honored”. This might mean the fight is part of the deal for Radahn’s soul to return to his body. Only after we have fought the puppet enough and shown our strength does Radahn seem to glow with the fire of war. This suggests that Radahn’s soul truly comes into his body only after a worthy fight.

  3. Rennala’s Arena Choice: Rennala chooses to fight us in an arena of water, similar to Royal Knight Loretta. This might be because spellcasters find arenas of water to be advantageous.

  4. Mohg the Blind: Mohg might be blind because one of his eyes is shut and the other has been sealed by America with a symbol of Grace. But removing this eye doesn’t change anything in terms of his vision. This suggests that Mohg sees with the snake’s eyes on his staff. The snake’s eyes focus and dilate as he analyzes us, further indicating this.

  5. Melania’s Worm Faces: Melania, the Mother of Fingers, attacks by reaching inside her body and throwing fingers or worms at you. This connection between fingers and worms suggests a link between those who crawl and those who have limbs.

  6. Putrescent Knight’s Design: The Putrescent Knight appears to be a rider on a horse. But upon closer inspection, the rider seems to be another horse itself. The skeleton of the rider is very similar to a horse’s skeleton, with a rib cage, spine, and legs. The rider seems to have escaped the swamp that was absorbing it.

  7. Color Change of Mesmer’s Winged Snakes: Mesmer’s winged snakes change color in his second phase. The snakes turn bright red and then white. This might be symbolic of Mesmer being reborn as the Erdtree Serpent, as snakes shed their skin when they are born anew.

  8. Who Injured Placidusax: We now know who injured Placidusax in the past. It was Bale the Dread. You can see two of Placidusax’s heads ripped off and embedded on Bale’s body.

  9. Dragon Communion: Bale is the progenitor of modern dragons. Placidusax injured Bale so badly that Bale fled to the Lands of Shadow. In response to this, Placidusax set up Dragon Communion, a ritual where Drakes are sacrificed to appease dragons.

  10. Marica’s Past: The DLC sheds light on Marica’s past. She hailed from the hidden Sharman Village behind the Shadow Keep. The shamans in the village played an important role in the creation of living jars. However, they suffered a purging at the hands of the rulers of the era. Marica eventually rose to power and bestowed gold upon the now-empty village.

These discoveries enhance the world of Elden Ring, offering deeper insight into its characters, their motivations, and the complex web of lore that drives the narrative forward.

Additional Insights Into Elden Ring’s World

Miquella’s Intention for Radagon: Despite intentions of a gentle world, Miquella’s desires raise questions about autonomy and manipulation. Radagon’s role in Miquella’s vision is complex, possibly overridden by Miquella’s enchantment.

Miquella’s Journey to the Realm of Shadows: Miquella’s passage to the realm of Shadows, his encounter with Radagon, and the intertwining destiny of these characters reveal a deep network of connections and allegiances in the world of Elden Ring.

The Origins and Downfall of the Fingers: The true nature and origins of the Fingers, as well as their supposed connection to The Greater Will, are questioned, casting doubts on the entity that influences the Tarnished.

Bale, the New Dragon: The DLC adds layers to the narrative with the introduction of Bale, the father of Drakes, and his conflicts with demigods, offering further insights into the dragons’ place in the lands between.

Abyssal Forest and Mid-Sights Mansion: These places hold ominous secrets linked to the Horned Society, suggesting deeper layers of spirituality and ritual significance yet to be fully uncovered within the game’s lore.

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