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FileLinked APK Download For Android (Latest Updated version)

FileLinked APK Download

Suppose you have to send a bulk photo file after your sister’s ceremony to all your relatives. How would you feel if this was possible by just sending a 5 to 6 digits code? Needless to say, the FileLinked app is is an advantageous one to meet the requirements of sharing and downloading files within a few seconds.

The FileLinked app was popularly known as DroidAdmin, which means sharing the files. Now you can handle and send a bulk of data, like – audio files, image movies, video files, applications file, game file, and more by this app.

You can share any files through this app even secretly, and you can also download several files rapidly through this app. The process is completed within a few seconds, whereas it takes so long to download multiple files. This is one of the unique and benevolent features of the FileLinked app.

This is an excellent opportunity for Android users. The FileLinked is now accessible for both Amazon fire for Android TV operating. The operations of the FileLinked app includes a numeric code.

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The working of FileLinked app

It’s working is too easy e any user can easily handle this. Firstly to create a code in the FilLinked apo, you should install the filing tab and then log in or sign in by providing the necessary details of yourself and making an account free of cost. Then suddenly you will get the new features in your phone to share and download the files.

You can proceed in various ways, like – giving names, URLs, or providing the logo of your files. You will get a corresponding code for each. Then you should go to the app again and just put the code you have understood and easily download many files at the same time.

Features of Filelinked app

FileLinked comes with some excellent, enjoyable features, along with sharing and downloading multiple files. Let’s have a quick discussion on the characteristics of Filelinked.

  • User-friendly 

You no longer need to be proficient in running the Filelinked app. It is user-friendly because its user interface is too easy to understand and also fascinating. Any beginner can also use this flawlessly. 

  • Registration is Free

Hurry up! FileLinked is a free application for which you do not need to pay anything to download it from the Play Store of your Android device. Also, you can complete the registration free of cost. So create your account without paying anything and enjoy the sharing and downloading files services of FileLinked. Furthermore, the entire registration process is straightforward.

  • Sharing Numerous Files

FileLinked is a pretty useful one to share many files, like – photos, video files, audio file applications, text files, movies, games, and so on at the same time. Just create a link in your FileLinked application, and then you can share all the files seamlessly, without interruptions.

  • Less time consuming

Do not feel worried FileLinked would not waste your time anyway and energy as well. It takes time only for installation; otherwise, the entire operation will complete within a second. All you have to do is to enter the application code or the URL of the specific application and then share your files.

  • Unique code creation

Silent is a new application that shows your file quickly by creating a unit code in your Filelinked account.

  • Watching films and several TV shows

Now filing app is allowing you to view the flames and several TV shows or serials online. You can easily watch them in FileLinked, without wasting time on TV, by seeing the unnecessary advertisements.

  • Firestick device

If you are willing to get almost the use of a firestick device, then FileLinked would be the best choice to meet this requirement. Because it assists in accessing different kinds of applications, some are unavailable in the Play Store.

  • Downloading numerous files

Besides sharing the multiple files, the Filelinked app will allow you to download many files at the same time. You need to follow the same procedure that you have to create a single link in the Filelinked app and then start downloading files.

Limitations of FileLinked app

  • This application can be publicly accessed, so anyone can easily create a code into the FileLinked app and share files. Hence, there is a possibility of sharing and downloading malware or viruses into your device. Regarding this problem, you need to keep it in mind while downloading or sharing something.
  • You should not use any codes provided by any strangers. Use the codes only from closed or trustable persons.
  • Sometimes some of the FileLinked codes are not opened, and you cannot download this. To solve this problem, you need to create another PIN, rather than use the previous downloading code.

System Requirements of Filelinked app

  • Your system needs to fulfill some requirements, to enjoy the opportunities of the FileLinked app: –
    • Your devices Android version should be e minimum Android 4.1. 
    • To access this app from your device, you need to go to the settings option and then applications. Then you need to activate the unknown source. Then only you can access the installed app. However, this is one of the standard requirements of Android applications.

How to install FileLinked on Firestick

Filelinked’s is considered as one of the best and popular firestick apps. Now you no longer need to waste time browsing the internet and scrolling various links, the FileLinked s useful to complete the operation in less time. Behind the popularity of this app, those benefits provided by this app play an essential role.

The process is also straightforward; you need to search the corresponding code provided by various sites, which shows similar files and Kodi extensions. When you get the code, you can easily download the data, and then you need to click on the corresponding option.

If you want, you can also create codes to share the file with your friends or anyone. For this, you have to put the direct download link of the data. The steps of installing this app on Firestick is mentioned below. I hope it will be helpful for you and will ease your installation process.

Steps to install Filelinked

  1. At first, you have to go to the settings option from your Android device.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  2. There will be so many options, and among them, you have to click on My Fire TV.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  3. After clicking on My Fire TV, a list will be opened in front of you. You need to click on the developer option.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  4. There will be another list, and from it, you have to select Apps From Unknown Sources option.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  5. After choosing it, you will get two options, which are Turn On and Cancel. It would be best if you decided to turn On option. 
    Steps to install fileLinked
  6. Again you have to come back to your home screen and move your mouse to search icon.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  7. Then after searching the downloader option, you will get it.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  8. When you click on the downloader option, you will see several downloader apps. Among them, you have to choose one app.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  9. The download option must be clicked.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  10. You have to click on open.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  11. Then click on the “Allow” button.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  12. An address bar will be opened. It would be best if you typed a URL, which is, and then click on the Go option.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  13. You will get an install option that is to be clicked.
    Steps to install fileLinked
  14. After clicking on the done option, the app will be installed successfully. 
    Steps to install fileLinked

But you need to eliminate the file, and that is why you will be returned to the downloader option where you will delete the file clicking on the Delete option.

The fileLinked app provides an amazing feature of creating your own codes. To create those codes you need to register yourself and make an account on

Once you have registered, it will allow you to create your personal codes which you can create as per your requirements.

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The FileLinked provides the easiest way to share and download the files within a short period. This is really easy to enter 5 to 6 digit code, rather than remembering the long URL or finding the links of the files from the internet. This is boring and wastage of time as well.

In addition to taking chances, you can transfer the same opportunity to your close friends with just the code. And yes, they can also share and download files at the same time after you. If you go through the above discussion, then you can quickly get to know the installation process and the working of FileLinked.

You are no more wasting your time looking for and remembering links to URLs or files. So, download the file linked app now and enjoy its exciting services without knowing a word about it.

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