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FiscalNote & OpenAI: Enhancing ChatGPT with Collaborative Innovation

Presenting the FiscalNote plugin, an innovative result of the synergistic partnership between OpenAI and FiscalNote, seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT to offer users a comprehensive selection of real-time, top-tier data sets related to legal, political, and regulatory affairs.

Designed to tackle the issue of misinformation, this dynamic tool provides accurate and current data on government filings, enabling users to make informed decisions with certainty while leveraging ChatGPT’s powerful AI capabilities.

Before I share some of its benefits, let’s learn more about this plugin FiscalNote.

What Does FiscalNote Do?

Before diving deep into this plugin, understand what FiscalNote actually does.

FiscalNote helps organizations tackle the beast of regulations and legislation. They use some cool AI, data, and analytics to break down all the government policies and laws that can mess with businesses and industries.

What are the essential services they offer

  • Keep an eye on all those rules and laws coming from local, state, federal, and even international levels.
  • Figure out how these changes could shake things up for businesses and industries.
  • Keep everyone in the loop with alerts and updates about policy changes.
  • Make it easy for teams to work together and make smart choices about staying compliant.

Basically, FiscalNote’s got your back when navigating the jungle of regulations and laws, helping you manage risks and make solid decisions.

Now that you’ve got a basic understanding of what fiscalnote actually does let’s understand how it’ll get integrated with ChatGPT!

Benefits of the FiscalNote and OpenAI Collaboration

Access to real-time data

The collaboration between FiscalNote and OpenAI provides OpenAI researchers access to FiscalNote’s extensive real-time data sets, allowing them to develop more sophisticated AI models and improve their understanding of complex legal, political, and regulatory issues.

Integration of FiscalNote’s API into ChatGPTBy integrating FiscalNote’s API into ChatGPT, users can access real-time policy and regulatory data directly within the OpenAI platform, streamlining workflows and enhancing the user experience.

Improvement of FiscalNote through machine learning and AI

The partnership with OpenAI enables FiscalNote to leverage advanced machine learning and AI techniques to enhance its products, providing users with more accurate and actionable insights.

The Impact of the FiscalNote and OpenAI CollaborationExpansion of access to real-time data for FiscalNote usersThe collaboration with OpenAI will enable FiscalNote users to access a wider range of real-time data, helping them stay up to date on the latest legal, political, and regulatory developments and make better-informed decisions.

Improved research and analysis toolsThe partnership between FiscalNote and OpenAI will lead to the development of improved research and analysis tools for both organizations.

By combining their strengths, they can create more powerful tools for understanding and navigating the complex legal, political, and regulatory landscape—enhanced understanding of legal, political, and regulatory developments.

The collaboration will enhance both organizations’ understanding of legal, political, and regulatory developments by providing access to new data sources and expertise.

This will ultimately benefit their users by offering more accurate and reliable information, enabling better decision-making and analysis.FiscalNote’s partnership with the United NationsFiscalNote has also partnered with the United Nations to support its efforts in monitoring and analyzing global policy developments.

This partnership highlights the company’s global reach and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Implications for the Future

As AI and machine learning technologies continue to advance, they will play an increasingly important role in helping organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing policy and regulatory environment.

The partnership between FiscalNote and OpenAI is a prime example of how these technologies can be leveraged to create more effective solutions.

Potential features of the Fiscalnote Plugin

Once the access to the ChatGPT plugin is rolled out for plus users, these are some FiscalNote features you would be able to try –

1. Real-time access to legal, political, and regulatory information: With the FiscalNote plugin integrated into ChatGPT, users will have instant access to select market-leading, real-time data sets for legal, political, and regulatory information. This will enable you to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in these areas and make more informed decisions.

2. Improved accuracy and reliability of information: By using the FiscalNote database to retrieve information, ChatGPT will be able to provide users with more accurate and reliable information.

3. Customizable alerts: You may be able to set up customizable alerts based on specific needs and developments. This will enable you to stay informed about the issues that matter most to them.

4. Integration with other tools: The FiscalNote plugin may be integrated with other tools to provide users with a more comprehensive view of legal, political, and regulatory developments. For example, it could be integrated with news aggregation or social media monitoring tools.

5. Customizable dashboards: Users may be able to create customizable dashboards to track the legal, political, or regulatory developments that matter most to them. This means you get a more personalized experience that enables your focus on the issues that are most relevant to you.

Can You Get Access to FiscalNote Plugin in ChatGPT?

However, here are some general steps you can follow to join a waitlist for a plugin in ChatGPT:

  1. Check the ChatGPT website or platform for information about the waitlist. The ChatGPT team may provide details about the availability of specific plugins and how to join the waitlist on their website or platform.
  2. Sign up for an account with ChatGPT. To join a waitlist for a plugin in ChatGPT, you must have an account with the platform. If you do not already have an account, you can sign up by following the ChatGPT website or platform instructions.
  3. Navigate to the plugin section of the ChatGPT interface and click on the “Join plugins waitlist” button to submit your request for access to all the plugins.
  4. Here you must fill out all the necessary details and let OpenAI know why you would like to get your hands on the ChatGPT plugins.

Once done, wait for a notification about the availability of the plugin. After joining the waitlist, you must wait until the plugin becomes available. The ChatGPT team may send you a notification or email when the plugin is ready.


ChatGPT Plus subscribers enjoy priority access to new features and enhancements, including the latest ChatGPT plugins developed by OpenAI. This exclusive early access allows you to stay ahead of the curve, benefiting from cutting-edge AI capabilities and improvements, which can significantly enhance your experience, productivity, and research capabilities.

Parting Thoughts

In conclusion, the FiscalNote plugin exemplifies the remarkable potential of combining OpenAI’s ChatGPT with FiscalNote’s extensive data resources.

That’s all for now.

If you still have any queries about the FiscalNote plugin’s integration with ChatGPT, feel free to write us in the comments. Meanwhile, check our previous post, where I briefly explained the real-world usage of the Expedia plugin.

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