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Most Common Questions & Answers about QR Code | FAQ

If you are thinking to generate QR code for any sort of tracking activities, providing information and showing database then here is what you must know before generating and using any QR code:

What is QR Code?

QR Code is a machine readable code made up on white background on which black squares are arranged in a square grid.QR Code used for getting information by a smart phone. There are two types of QR Code, Static QR Code and Dynamic QR Code.

What is the full form of QR Code?

QR is the contracted form of Quick Response. Here Q stands for Quick and R stands for response so the full form of QR Code is QUICK Response code.

What is Static QR Code?

Static QR Code is the type of codes which encodes information after it is generated. Once you set the content it can not be changed.

How to Generate Static QR Code?

So guys after describing about Static QR Code, I am going to describe the steps you have to follow for generating a Static QR Code.

  • Firstly you have to go to the
  • After that choose the type of code you want to generate and fill the address and required information.
  • Now move the slider over to Static and after clicking on “Generate Static” your QR Code is ready.
  • Within seconds you can create your QR code.

What is Dynamic QR Code?

On the other hand Dynamic Codes are changeable. You can change their content when you want and you do not need to reprint them they automatically adopt the new content.

How to Generate Dynamic QR Code?

Now let me describe the method of generating Dynamic QR Code. The same process will take place here.

  • Go to the
  • After choosing desired URL and providing required information, move the slider over the “Dynamic”.
  • After it finally click on “Generate Dynamic” and your QR Code is ready to use.
  • You can save your QR Code in your account and access anywhere.

Difference Between Static And Dynamic QR Code:

I think with above information you can easily create your QR Code. But you will be curious to know the difference between the two before generating them. Now come to the point and let me describe the difference between the STATIC and DYNAMIC.

Guys, I think you all know the exact meaning of STATIC….don’t know? ok As the static means not changeable or moveable, as the name shows Static QR Codes can not be changed or modified. In static QR code actual destination URL of a website is filled which can not be changed at any cost.

Well now its time to know the word DYNAMIC…you know? Its my duty to define whether you know or not. Dynamic refers to constant changes or activity, as the name shows we can change Dynamic Codes according to our use. In dynamic codes a short URL filled in the code and actual destination URL code re-directs to the user. With the help of actual URL user can change the code.

Who invented QR Code?

QR Code was created by a japanese company called DENSO WAVE (A car company for identifying the car engines). Masahiro Hara was the man to whom the real credit should be given as he was the original developer of the QR Code.

When And Where QR Code Invented?

The origin of QR Code happened in Japan. Japanese company Denso wave developed QR Code in 1994.

What was the Original Purpose of QR Code?

Initially QR Code was designed for automotive industry. It was created for checking the speed of vehicles and tracking vehicles at the time of manufacturing but now a days QR Codes are used in very wide context.

What are QR Codes used for?

If we ask someone that for what QR Code used specially when he or she do not know about QR Codes, it will be tough to answer. But as a QR Code user i would like to say that QR Codes are used for transport ticketing, marketing, entertainment, etc. Even our AADHAAR CARDS have QR Codes.

How QR Code is generated?

It is very simple to generate a QR CODE. Within seconds you can generate a QR Code. Firstly you have to go on QR generator websites than choose the required code and finally enter the proper data. By clicking on “CREATE QR CODE” your QR Code ready.

How QR Code Works?

QR Code is a 2 dimensional image with a square in which data is filled. User of QR Code should have the knowledge of version and format for scanning data. QR Code works on your android and you do not need to download any other app for its work.

you can see QR Code everywhere like Supermarket, magazines and even on the books of kids. A smart phone camera read the information given by black and white squares. QR Code represent data in four modes like- Numeric, Alphanumeric, Byte and Kanji.

You can scan a QR Code from any direction for 360 degrees. QR Code is used for direct contact with the customer for your website . It is used as discount code which is taken at the checkout counter.

QR Code works as a medium to link to a Google map locations. By putting it on your website’s “contact us” page, it allow people to be scanned and give them information about your website.

By putting on the wall of malls and other shopping centres, the customer can update their Facebook status.

You can move your users to your landing page by adding a QR Code at the end of promotional videos.

Those were the some ways how a QR Code works and help a lot to promote business. You can store immense amount of information for your customers with the use of QR Code.

QR Code User safety

After knowing the amazing features of QR Codes you would be curious to know that how safe they are?? I would like to warn you because there is the possibility of risk. If you scanned a code of unsafe webpage having malware or malicious content, your personal and private data accessed and could be corrupted. So make sure that you should scan the QR Code of reliable sources.

How are QR Codes better than Bar Codes?

Bar codes and QR codes are looks similer, both used for access information. But i think QR  Codes are the moderate version of bar codes. They can holds hundred time more information than a bar code. A QR Code can be read from any direction. Bar codes represent information horizontally where as QR Codes represent both horizontally and vertically.

Few Important Facts You Need to Know About QR Code

Here are some interesting facts about QR Code which you did not hear yet….

  1. The largest number of QR Code users are in United States.
  2. QR Code are hugely scanned by iPhone even you can say the most popular device for scanning QR Code is iPhone.
  3. Audi created the largest QR Code which was of 159 square meters.
  4. QR Code may be in different colours like Red, Green, Purple etc.
  5. QR Code are very smart they easily read the location the location and specification of a phone by which they are scanned and modify the content based on location.
  6. Among all the scanners of QR Codes, female count is 2/3.
  7. Extremely fast scanning.
  8. QR Codes are much cheaper and reliable than the other tools.
  9. The most attractive feature of QR Code is that they can be decode even after damage.

Thus we can say that QR Code is used for presenting information for a specific product which is readable by smartphones. Marketing and advertising companies are getting its benefits with the direct contact with their customer. I think QR Code is a unbeatable tool and no one can replace it. It is hugely used in medical field.

Even in India, digital payments done by QR Codes. National Payments Corporation Of India is a government body, managed by RBI, runs the digital payments through QR Code. Even there are E AADHAAR CARDS which contains QR Code

Now, what’s next? What’s gonna replace QR Code? Have any thought? If yes, please let us know your views. Questions are also appreciable.

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