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AppLock: How Much Do You Know About Privacy?


You know people these days. They are more interested in other life than their own life. It is pretty much very difficult to keep your data from sneaky friends or your own brother and sisters at your home, not ganna say about mom and dad as they can have the key to every lock and you can’t deny it or you will be dead, I am sure you can relate.

Why Need of Applock

This question is very common by the smartphone users that why need an app lock. They have alot of expensive phones and very high tech smart mobiles and they have all the features that are available in it such as app lock, speed booster, and memory cleaner. Then why you need App lock right?

But the problem is, according to the Statista, this is a website if you don’t and you knew then dodge by previous words. Well, what Statista says is there are more than 2 billion people using smartphones right now and what smartphone offers is app lock for sure.

But think this, 2 billion have a smartphone and others have still those old and very low versions of androids and they also have the urge to hide their personal stuff like video, photos, and documents from some unknown sneaky people around them.

Some Notable Features of App lock

  • Lock your apps with password, pattern, fingerprint lock or face lock
  • Hide pictures, videos, files, audios, apps, and messages.
  • Well-designed themes, Ui and customized
  • Incognito browser with no history record
  • Sign up multiple accounts at the same time
  • Take photos of invaders who try to access your data without your permission
  • Customized background with your own photographs
  • Set different locked app with customized profiles
  • Set your time Lock auto-lock or unlock according to time
  • Change your location according to location
  • Hide AppLock icon from your phone wall
  • Advanced Protection – prevent AppLock being killed by task killer
  • Prevent people from peeping pin code by setting Random keyboard
  • Force stopped application covers by applock
  • Lock additions activities such as wifi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Enable or disable AppLock with one tap with AppLock widget
  • Quick-lock switch – Lock or unlock in the notification bar
  • Control your call by Locking incoming calls by Applock
  • Protect your application form your kids and put multiple locks
  • No need to enter password, pattern, fingerprint again within set time
  • Prevent uninstalling apps by incidentally
  • It consumes less memory space on your device 
  • Power saving mode also help you save your device battery

Top 5 Best App lock for Smartphones

Many times users ask if there are any alternative app lock that they can switch to. The hardware of the device decides whether to run a particular application or not. I am going to mention some of the applications that might help you hide your private material.

Privacy Knight App lock

A very popular and worldwide known firm called Alibaba sponsored this app lock. This application is free of cost and it doesn’t contain any ads and this lock is configured with PIN, password, fingerprint, and face lock.

Just with on tap you can open this applock and keep your personal belongings. One of the best features of this applock is the person will be caught if they try to intrude on your phone.

The first time a person put the wrong password or pin, the photograph of that person will be taken by this app and save it to the gallery. Later on, you can check who was the guy and you can bust person down

Norton App lock

If you don’t wanna take a load on your device and looking for a very small and compact app lock then this is it, Norton comes with 6MB of size and does a lot of things on your phone.

Let’s start with features, you can set the security of your data by adding pin, password and finger scanner.

This gives you ads free experience and also recommend some useful application if you looking for some.

In case you forget the password of this app lock, simple you can recover it from your email account. The sneaky peek feature that will capture the photo of whoever tries to enter the app or access the app with your authority

Keepsafe App lock

One of many but the simpler and most easy to handle application. It works like other AppLocks but the interface which this application provides it more than simpler and convenient to use for even newbie.

You can this AppLock on google play store. 4 ways to protect your data –  Pin, pattern, fingerprint, and password. This is not exactly ad-free but needs some purchase to get rid of them.

CM App lock

Millions of users like to use this CM applock on their phones. This is not only applock to the data but also prevent others from uninstalling your important application. Now peope use online payment methods to pay their bills and exchange money.

These are a very crucial application which needs to be protected. CM applock just make sure of all privacy concerns

Perfect App lock

The functionality of this application is very well defined. You can protect your applications, data, photos, files, videos, and messages too. Use pin, pattern, password to protect your privacy.

It clicks the photo of a person tries to enter without your permission to access your privacy. You can get this application on play store too. Well rated applock you get to see on the store.

Frequently Asked Questions | App Lock

Q: How to change Password?

A: Open AppLock, Protect, Unlock Settings

Q: Are they all free of cost?

A: Yes, they are, also you can get the paid version of AppLock

Last Words

In this digitalization era, privacy is the main concern. If you think you have something that you don’t need to show anybody like your bank papers, your confidential files, and data.

Then you can have the Applock which gives you a lot of features alongside the secure your data, it can be memory booster or hiding photos and videos. Which AppLock do you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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