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myTrashMail Review: Is It Better Than MailBait?

myTrashMail Review

In an era of relentless promotions, spam emails, and privacy concerns, the utility of temporary email services can’t be overstated. You register on various platforms without revealing your primary email account through them.

Amongst numerous options, two services stand tall due to their excellent offerings — myTrashMail and MailBait. While both perform the vital function of providing disposable email addresses, they have their unique features and caveats.

So, in this blog post, I’ll answer whether myTrashMail is better than its counterpart Mailbait.

Now, let’s get started –

myTrashMail: An Overview

myTrashMail is an established name in the realm of temporary email services. It’s been assisting users to maintain their privacy online by offering disposable email addresses for several years.

Key Features of myTrashMail

Here are some of the key features setting myTrashMail apart:

  • Spam Blocking: myTrashMail is known for its robust spam-blocking algorithm, protecting users from unwanted content.
  • Anonymous Email: myTrashMail allows users to send anonymous emails, enhancing privacy.
  • RSS Feed: Users can track their myTrashMail inbox through an RSS feed, making it more convenient to monitor incoming emails.

How Does myTrashMail Work?

myTrashMail operates on a simple mechanism. Visit their website, create a temporary email address, and it’s ready to use.

No personal details or registration are required. Emails received can be read directly from the webpage, and you can even reply to them, ensuring a seamless user experience.

MailBait: An Overview

Does mailbait works?
Does mailbait works?

MailBait is a relatively recent but popular player in the temporary email service world. It’s gained recognition for its unique approach to handling spam and providing disposable emails.

Key Features of MailBait

Noteworthy features of MailBait are as follows:

  • Spam Floods: MailBait is commonly used to fill inboxes with spam emails – a valuable tool for stress-testing new mail servers.
  • Bulk Emails: Unlike other services, MailBait generates a large volume of emails, which is ideal for users wanting to test the capacity of their email systems.
  • No Registration: Like many temporary email services, MailBait requires no registration, thus preserving user anonymity.

How Does MailBait Work?

MailBait works slightly differently from myTrashMail. You provide any email address on the MailBait site, and it will start receiving emails from numerous sites.

It’s often used to stress-test email servers due to the bulk of emails it generates. However, due to its volume and nature, you must exercise care in using this service.

Comparing myTrashMail and MailBait

User Interface and Ease of Use

Both myTrashMail and MailBait have minimalistic designs centered around user convenience.

The processes to create and use temporary emails are straightforward on both platforms, but myTrashMail edges ahead with a cleaner interface and more intuitive navigation.

Speed and Reliability

Both mail generators deliver emails in real time, ensuring speed isn’t an issue.

However, myTrashMail is typically deemed more reliable due to its efficient spam filtering.

Feature Comparison

While both provide primary temporary email services, myTrashMail offers a more comprehensive package with its anonymous email-sending feature and RSS feed.

MailBait, on the other hand, provides a unique stress-testing tool that sends many emails to a given address.

Security and Privacy

In terms of privacy, both MailBait and myTrashMail excel as they eliminate the need for personal information or registration.

However, the absence of HTTPS encryption on myTrashMail’s website can concern some users. MailBait, on the other hand, delivers bulk emails, a feature often perceived as less secure.

And in the context of testing an email system’s robustness and spam filters, it is a valuable tool. This positions MailBait as potentially the preferred option for users prioritizing security.


Both myTrashMail and MailBait offer their services for free, making them accessible to anyone looking for temporary email solutions.

myTrashMail vs MailBait: Review

fake email generator
fake email generator

Having used both myTrashMail and MailBait, I’ve found that each service has strengths and weaknesses.

myTrashMail impresses with its focus on anonymity and strong spam filters. It’s user-friendly, with an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate. However, a minor drawback I’ve noticed, and that some users have reported is the occasional missed email, possibly due to aggressive filtering.

On the other hand, MailBait has its unique uses, particularly for those wanting to stress-test email systems or validate spam filters. However, its major downside is the overwhelming volume of emails it can generate. Understanding and anticipating this is key to using MailBait effectively.

MyTrashMail offers a more balanced experience for general users, while MailBait serves a specific niche purpose.

Is myTrashMail better than MailBait?

To answer this question, I’ll list their strengths and weaknesses, that’ll ultimately help you pick the best fake email generator.

myTrashMail Strengths and Weaknesses

myTrashMail Strengths:

  • Robust spam-filtering system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Anonymous email-sending feature
  • RSS feed accessibility

myTrashMail Weaknesses:

  • Occasional issues in receiving all emails due to stringent filtering

MailBait Strengths:

  • Unique stress-testing capabilities
  • Validates email systems’ spam filters
  • No registration required

MailBait Weaknesses:

  • An overwhelming volume of emails for users without a specific need for bulk content.
  • Not ideal for users seeking privacy-focused temporary email services.

Final Verdict

Comparing the two temporary mail generators, myTrashMail is generally better than MailBait in most segments.

With a solid spam-filtering system and additional features like anonymous email sending and RSS feed integration, myTrashMail caters to various user requirements.

However, if you’re looking to stress-test your email systems or validate your spam filters, you may find MailBait more suitable. Its unique ability to generate high volumes of emails sets it apart in this specific scenario.

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