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Fake Email Generator: Create Unlimited Temporary Emails [2021]

fake email generator

There are some places on the internet where you do not want to use your personal or work email ID.

So, in that case, what would you do?

You would try to create a new email account, right?

But don’t.

Instead you should use fake email address to remain anonymous on the internet.

You see most of your requirement is that you need a temporary email account either for confirming a particular link, replying or forwarding emails

All these three task can be achieved easily with the help of a fake email address.

But when you search the web there are so many fake email generator available that it’s hard to find which one is a good one.

So, to help you out here, I will share 5 fake email generator where you can get temporary email accounts.

fake email generator
fake email generator

Why do you Need a Fake Email Generator?

Before I get into the list of popular fake email generator, let me explain why why do you need a fake email generator in the first place.

If you remember, in one of my previous post I explained you’re putting your PC at risk.

How you can receive Trojan Virus via a link in an e-mail.

if you are not attentive then you might even end up downloading the virus. Thereby providing access of your computer in the hands of a hacker.

Rest you know what can happen to your PC.

✅Your privacy would be at risk.

✅Any personal data you have stored in your PC would be at risk.

✅And if you are a working professional then receiving such email in your official email can even pose a bigger threat to your organisation.

In a research done by Symantec Security Response , almost one in 131 emails contain Malware.

And if you look at the bigger picture, there are billions of emails accounts created at the moment.

Imagine how much a virus or Malware can effect your PC.

You don’t want that right?

That’s why I’m repeatedly saying you to use fake email generator.

So for that, fake email generator is the best option where you can get access to temporary email addresses


10minutemail is the first fake email generator in this list.

10minutemail is a secure and disposable email services that lets you create an email account for 10 minutes after that the email ID gets automatically deleted.

Once the email ID is deleted, you are left with some spare time before it gets permanently removed from the system, for PC.

Temp Mail

Temp mail is the second Fake email generator in this list.

Just like 10minutemail it removes the temporary email address 10 minutes after it is issued.

In the meantime, you can use it to receive messages.

But the thing is temp-mail is not private. If you are using it for free your information is not private.

If you don’t want that then you can opt for its premium plan that starts from $10 per month and goes up to $60 per year.

With the premium plan you can:

✅Use dedicated premium domains

✅Get No ads, whatsoever.

✅Extended storage space.

✅Get up to 10 address at the same time.


Mailinator is the third fake image generator in this list.

You don’t need to create an account to use this fake email ID generator.

Simply enter the email ID with the public domain

It is similar to like this: and you will get all the emails at this particular address.

The usage of free plan is only limited to the mailinator domain.

But what if you need to use your own private domain for creating a unique custom email id that looks like this:

Well, for this you need to purchase is monthly or yearly subscription plan that starts from $99 per month to $495/month.

And if you purchase its early subscription plan, then you can get it for as low as $79 per month to $495/month.

With the payment plan you can freely use a private domain to create custom emails temporarily.


Email on Deck is the 4th fake email generator in this list.

If you are looking for a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency friendly Fake email generator then EmailonDeck is the website where your search ends.

Here, to create a fake email ID EmailonDeck, first complete the robot verification and click on generate email, This will generate a new email ID for you.

EmailonDeck comes with two plans – Free and Premium

EmailonDeck FREE PLAN

✅The free plan provides:

✅Access to 1 private email address.

✅Secure Web logs

EmailonDeck PRO PLAN

✅Access of EmailonDeck with no ads whatsoever.

✅100 + emails at a time

✅Secured emails.

✅Exclusive custom email address

✅Send anonymous e-mails.

How to Recover Emails on EmailonDeck?

Usually whenever you create an email at EmailonDeck it gets deleted in a few days.

But what if you are waiting for an important email?

Well, for that you can use a valid email token that is created right after creating a temporary email ID.

After that simply click on the recovery email, enter the email token, verify that you are a human and click on verify to recapture the same email-id to lose it once again aftera couple of days.

P.S. Email on Deck supports payment for its Pro plan only via Bitcoin or ethereum.


Last but not the least fake email service provider is Throwawaymail.

It is a free disposable email address service that kr let’s you create temporary email ID.

To use this website, simply head over to the website and click on the button “click here to show your email.”

Now, verify that you are not a robot.

Once come done, You will get an exclusive email that will automatically expire after 2 days.

As Throwawaymail does not offer any premium plan, you are bound to see ads that are showing up on the website.


Even though it does show ads but it also does the work just like you would hope with the premium services.

Final Words

Whenever there is any need to use an email account to recieve links, verification codes or to download attachment, never use your personal or business email even for once.

That’s why, I have listed almost every useful fake email generator. You can use any one of them to create a disposable email address and finish up your business with them.

That is all for now. If you think, I have missed to add any particular Fake email generators that I should have added in the list. Then do let me know about it in the comments section below.

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