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VMate: How it Can Make You Rich and Famous


Those who are new to this app, let me put you through a small and brief tutorial. Don’t worry, this will be not soo boring for sure. Well, VMate is a video editor and video sharing community with more hundred million users all over the world. This is also India’s top and best free video maker app.

This app works like a Tik Tok or Likee app. I am sure you must have heard one of these two apps that I just mentioned. If you have been following one of these, you must have known about the benefit of using the application like this.

Yes, this is not the myth that the person can get a lot of attention from the audience if the content is unique, informative or any sort of audience pulls power in the content.

Supports Multiple Languages

As getting popular day by day. App did a lot of changes in the app. The most amazing and surprising thing is this application working in more than 11 languages, yeah, insane right. If you are not comfortable with Hindi or English, application gives you a range of languages like  Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Malayalam, Punjabi, English.

How to Download on Android?

Download for android is very much ease. It won’t make you go crazy to find the application if you are an android user. This can easily get from the playstore.

  • Firstly open your play store
  • Search for VMate app
  • You will see a red-colored V-shaped icon
  • Click on install
  • Go to your wall and click on the app icon
  • If it asks for permission to access storage or cameras just make it okay
  • Create an account with your Gmail or social account
  • Now you are ready to use the app.

How to Download on PC

It can be pretty difficult for pc users to find an application online. But VMate is not that tough to get. There are ample of websites who provide the download option for this application. You can select any of the website such as Softonic, Apkpure, Uptodown or play store online.

  • Search VMate on google
  • Click any link related to download Vmate, prefer you should click for play store
  • You will see a red-colored V-shaped icon
  • Click on install
  • After installing, go to your desktop and click on icon
  • Do okay for the permission been asked for
  • Create your account and start using it.

How to Download on iPhone

There are soo many iPhone users and this will be a little unfair if the application is applicable for only android users. So, there is VMate application for the IOS users.

  • Go to the apple store in your iPhone
  • Search for VMate on search space
  • Click on the application icon
  • Start installing it
  • After finishing installing, go to your phone wall
  • Enter the app and create an account for yourself

What to Do in VMate App?

Once you are in, you can start making videos from your phone. This is the fact more the clarity of your camera, the better will be video quality. After shooting your video, start uploading.

Capture very interesting clips, videos, show your talent regarding acting or dance or could be funny anything. Show your videos to the world. You can record your live videos and short clip through this application

There will be more than just a tool to use for your videography, you can add several numbers of effects on your video. Not only that you can create your videos with the Filters and meanwhile, add background music or song to make it even more attractive and eye-catching

If you don’t have any previous experience with this app or you are totally new then it is not very hard to learn. You can easily cut or edit videos use effects to make your video look magically amazing. just. Use effects like Slow-motions, Back-in-time, Fast-forwards and more.

Choose from a vast library of popular Bollywood Songs and English Chartbusters to get a suitable background track for your videos. You can follow people and other creators whose content you like and a daily update by them about their new and latest videos

How To Earn Money From VMate App?

Yes, you read that correctly, you can actually earn real money by just upload your video and share it with your friends. Your friends and fans will give you ViVi gifts and you can convert them and get money out of it. Here is the procedure of how it’s done

  • First of all open the app
  • Record a video or upload it from your phone
  • Now share the video with your Vmate friends
  • When they will give you Vivi gifts you will get diamonds
  • Those diamonds will be converted to cash

Here you go, earn real money.

Contest and Quiz

App held contests and quiz from time to time. In this, you can win some gold coins in your VMate account. Not only coins but there are more than that, phones, watches and many more. You just have to play the contest and win the contest.

You can buy Vcoin by doing “Top-up” of Rs 10, Rs 50, Rs 100, Rs 300, Rs 500, Rs 1000. You can earn these coins by daily logins and also get the coin by following every new friend.

Frequently Asked Questions | VMate

Q: Does it charge?

A: No, this is totally free of cost

Q: how to deactivate my account?

A: check out the steps to delete your profile on VMate

  • Go to My Profile (rightest tab on the menu)
  • Go to Settings (top right corner)
  • Scroll down to the bottom
  • Tap Remove Account


That’s all for this post. There are many apps similar to this and you know those. Also, a great app to watch some good and informative videos or you can light up your mood by watching funny videos.

It could be dangerous as this doesn’t give you that much privacy as compare to Facebook or Instagram but you can get experience what is in it, and chances are you can be popular and earn money with your talent. Did I miss something in a post, let me know in the comment section below.

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