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How to Avoid One Piece Treasure Cruise Ban?

If rules aren’t followed, One small mistake (even if it’s unknowingly) in One Piece Treasure Cruise can lead to a ban. This game in 2023 has stricter monitoring, making rule violations riskier.

A game ban further disconnects you from your hard-earned character, rewards, and friends. This is a major disappointment and, thus, must be avoided.

So, to ensure you do not make such mistakes, I’ll share some strategies to help you steer clear of the treasure cruise ban. But first, let’s look at this message that you may receive after the treasure cruise ban –

Common Reasons for Bans in One Piece Treasure Cruise

Maintaining a fair and balanced gaming environment is the cornerstone of most multiplayer games, including One Piece Treasure Cruise.

To ensure that all players have an equal opportunity to enjoy and succeed in the game, certain actions or behaviors violate the game’s terms of service, leading to penalties or permanent bans.

Here are some of the common reasons:

1. Abuse of Glitches

The game’s designers strive to rectify any glitches they discover in One Piece Treasure Cruise.

However, if a player abuses a known glitch for personal gain, it’s considered a severe infraction.

Whether the glitch allows for unlimited resources, progressing through levels without effort, or gaining an unfair advantage over other players, actively exploiting these flaws can result in a ban.

2. Account Phishing

Account phishing is a fraudulent act where a user attempts to obtain sensitive details, such as usernames, passwords, and other security details, by acting as a trustworthy entity.

Any attempts to acquire another player’s account information, be it through scamming, trickery, or other deceitful practices, will be severely punished.

3. Use of Unapproved Third-Party Tools

One Piece Treasure Cruise does not tolerate third-party software, especially when used to cheat or gain an unfair advantage.

This can include, but is not limited to, bot programs, cheat engines, hacks, or modified game files. Using these tools disrupts the game’s balance and infringes on copyright laws, leading to dire consequences.

4. Currency Exploitation

One Piece Treasure Cruise has an in-game currency system integral to the game’s progression and economy.

Any attempts to exploit this system, such as duplicating currency or obtaining it illegally, are seen as grave violations. It disrupts the game’s balance and detracts from the experience for other players.

Strategies to Steer Clear of the Treasure Cruise Ban Trap

Here are some strategies to keep your account in good standing and avoid falling into the ban trap.

1. Stick to Legitimate Gameplay

One of the best ways to avoid any potential banning issues is simply to play the game fairly and adhere strictly to its rules. This means grinding for your rewards, taking on challenges as they come, and improving your strategies over time.

While it might be tempting to look for ‘quick wins’ or hacks to advance, remember that these cannot only result in a ban but also take away from the real enjoyment of playing the game.

2. Avoid Third-Party Software

While they may promise significant boosts or resources, using third-party software directly violates the game’s rules.

These tools disrupt the game’s balance and may contain harmful malware that could compromise your device’s security.

Always remember that the game’s creators did not approve of these tools, and using them carries severe consequences, including potential bans.

3. Be Cautious with In-Game Purchases

When purchasing in-game currency like gems, ensure you are using approved platforms. Never be tempted by offers of discounted or ‘pirated’ gems, as these are not only illicit but can result in a permanent ban.

Always make your in-game purchases directly through the official game or legitimate app stores to avoid issues.

4. Report Glitches and Bugs

If you encounter a bug or glitch, the immediate and best course of action is to report it to the game’s support team.

While exploiting these bugs might seem like an easy way to make quick gains, this constitutes an abuse of glitches, which can lead to banning. Keep in mind that reporting these issues helps improve the game for everyone.

By adhering to these strategies, you’ll be able to enjoy One Piece Treasure Cruise as it’s meant to be played, all while maintaining a clean record and staying clear of ban traps.

How to Remove the One Piece Treasure Cruise Ban?

Ban removal on One Piece Treasure Cruise appears to be a complex process, demanding some dispute resolution.

  1. Identify the Reason for Ban: Understanding why you were banned is crucial. Your account may have been banned for the reasons mentioned in the message.
  2. Ensure Compliance: Make sure you are following all the game’s guidelines. Stop any activities that may violate the game’s rules, such as account phishing, currency exploitation, use of third-party software, etc.
  3. Reinstate Account through SNS: If your account was secured with SNS (Social Network Service), it could be protected under certain circumstances. However, this is aimed more at account recovery than removing a ban.
  4. Contact Support: If you’re non-techy and don’t know your workaround, the best step is to contact customer support on Bandai’s official website.


Now that you know how to avoid the One Piece Treasure Cruise ban, implement them ASAP in your gameplay.

That’s all for now.

Follow this guide to keep your One Piece Treasure Cruise journey uninterrupted in 2023.

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