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Fueling Your Business with Avantigas: A Supplier Comparison

Finding the right utility supplier for your business can be a little difficult as you try different ones to find the one that meets all your needs and more.

When using comparison websites you are able to see the various utility companies and their rates for their services. However, sometimes the cheapest offer does not always mean that you are getting a great service.

By comparing business energy suppliers you can try different utility companies at their rates and find the one that works best for your business and hopefully find extra services on offer!

Avantigas for Your Business

Avantigas provides gas for both businesses and residential homes. They have two in-land gas terminals and an emergency call centre that is available 24/7 for aftercare, maintenance and service.

They are the leading supplier of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and offer these in different forms.

Compared to oil, LPG has a few benefits which includes:

  • Burns more clearly with less soot and build-up
  • Reliable for continuous use
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Heat can be easily controlled
  • Convenient to use, deliver and store

Compared to electricity, the LPG benefits are as follows:

  • Heat is instantly controlled and available
  • Energy is at a constant price all day
  • Reliable in continuous use
  • Can be used for heating, cooking and have flame effect fires

Avantigas supplies different industries in the commercial sector mainly providing gas for agriculture, aerosol production, holiday parks, fork-lift truck gas, care homes and catering.

Avantigas Bulk LPG Options

Using Avantigas bulk option means businesses get to cut costs by saving on energy prices and are able to reduce their carbon emissions by not using traditional energy methods.

There are three different types of LPG tank installations that you can choose from and are dependent on your business gas requirements.

An above ground LPG tank is one of the options available and experts in the business can help you decide on the correct size, number and placement of the LPG tank on your premises.

The underground LPG tank is another option especially if you are worried about how the tank will look on the premises of the business. Experts can put the tank underground in a safe location to have it out of sight for clients.

There is also a semi-mounded LPG tank that can be installed if you want an aboveground tank but out of view for your customers.

Once you have sorted out the necessary paperwork and the LPG tank is installed, you will then start receiving your gas deliveries as well as be introduced to your account manager and be filled in about your comprehensive maintenance plan.

Avantigas also offers both gas bottles and cylinders for businesses across the UK. They are available in different sizes to suit business needs.

Avantigas LNG (Liquid Natural Gas)

This natural gas is colourless and odourless liquid fuel that is formed when natural gas is cooled below -160­°C.

This is the cleanest form of fossil fuel and when burnt doesn’t emit as much emissions as using coal and oil-based fuels.

LNG also takes up less space than gas which makes it safer to transport and easier to store.

If you decide to use Avantigas LNG, there are added services to their product. These services include;

  • Asset specification

They work with a recognised boiler, burner and asset manufacturers.

  • Project management

Providing a project manager onsite to install the gas lines with minimum disruption to your business.

  • Full turnkey solution

Providing design and build, assets, installation, project management and fuel supply.

  • Project funding

Able to fund the installation with no upfront payments required and quick payback times on investment.

Avantigas Biomass Renewable Gas

Avantigas also offers the option for you to convert to biomass and renewable gas.

Here are some of the benefits of using biomass renewable gas:

  • Biomass boilers are so efficient they only produce 1-2% ash.
  • They are a cheaper form of fuel.
  • Biomass is carbon neutral, the process is also sustainable as long as new plants are grown when the old ones are used.

How to Switch to Avantigas

If you decide to switch from your gas supplier to Avantigas, here are the quick and easy steps to follow.

  • Visit the website and get in touch to let them know you are considering using their services.
  • They will conduct a site survey and review your energy efficiency.
  • They will then offer you a specific package that is suited to your business needs and install if you accept their offer.
  • The gas is instantly delivered to your business without any delays or effects to your business products or services.


Avantigas is a leading supplier of gas in the UK and covers areas such as England, Wales and Scotland.

They are known for their off the grid supply and have a variety of options available to suit different business needs and they cater for different industries in the commercial sector and even supply residential homes.

With 24/7 emergency care services, you can rest assured that you are paying the best for less.

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