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Golf Throwback: What’s Changed And Why Use New Tech?

People that don’t play golf don’t think about the technology that is involved in the sport, but golf is a precision game with a level of competition that is tracked all over the world. There are a number of different gadgets in golf and applications that can and are used to improve the game and fitness level of golfers everywhere.

From more reliable golf carts to GPS sensors for everything, golf tech is more revolutionary than it ever has been. Check out these gadgets and applications that are making golf easier, and more competitive than it ever has been.

The New Golf Cart

The first golf cart that was powered by fuel was called the Walker Executive and was launched in 1957. This was a golf cart that looked not much different than today’s, with three wheels and room for people and their golf bags.

Today’s golf cart is one that is all of that, and more. Today’s golf carts are reliable and include headlights and canopies, and some will even include storage to keep your drinks cold. You can also find them with windshields, GPS systems, and even technology such as cleaners for your golf balls.

Remote Sensor Tech

There are golfers all over the world that love the advent of remote sensor technology in golfing. This is a golfing technology that measures distances in lasers and lets the athlete know what they need to shoot in order to make the shot. It is a simple point-and-click situation where sensors can be connected to either gloves or golf clubs and will help to measure every statistic that today’s golfer wants to know.

This tech isn’t just for golfers either. Infrared and laser technology is now replacing security cameras at golf clubs to highlight security problems, and also turf issues. When turf needs to be replaced or maintained, sensors can help. Sensors can also indicate soil moisture problems and send notifications to the manager’s smartphones when an issue needs to be addressed.

There’s an App For That

Today’s golfer has more options than ever before when it comes to golfing software and applications. There is an app for everything in golf now, where there was once none. Today, golfers can simulate golfing in their spare time, boost their productivity while they are on the field, and also track competitive statistics.

Golfers today can add applications to their devices that allow them to track everything they are doing during their game. They can even add apps that track the statistics of the golfers in front and behind them. Some competitive apps allow golfers to see the scores of other golfers, and track their progress throughout the day. It can make it fun if you are heading out with the girls, or having a bachelor party day and want to track the statistics of the entire party on the course all at once.

At the same time, it’s good for the individual game as well. Information can also be shared with team members, members of the family and performance tips and tricks can be provided when using the right golf software or application. If you want to check, track, or measure something in golf, there is an app for that.

Golf Trackers You Never Dreamed Of

Gone are the days of wading through sand pits to locate your golf balls or other golf accessories. Today, tags and GPS systems can be used in the game of golf for a number of reasons. Many brands have devices that may not be used for golf alone, but can be used to track items. Apple for example has Air Tags that can be put in golf bags to help you locate them if you need to.

You can also find some GPS systems with golf balls today. These are typically systems where the GPS is connected to the ball, or the ball is made with GPS tracking inside.

Simulators for Off-Season or Off-Days

As you probably know, golfers are as competitive as the next athlete. Many golfers during the season are obsessed with it. You want to golf when you aren’t golfing. Cue the golf simulator. This takes the in-house minor putting green to a new level. With a golf simulator, you can work on your game regardless of what day of the year it is or what is happening outside.

Today’s simulators can also help you to play golf all over the world with others while you work on your swing. They can be expensive, but will not cost you any more than golfing year-round outside will, and are a one-time expense. Test one and see for yourself how easy and fun they are to use.

Upgrade Your Golf Tech

When you are working on your game, you may also want to work on your golf tech. Today, the world of technology is revolutionizing the way game is played. From golf carts with coolers and cleaners to simulators that will bring your game to a new level in the off-season, there is so much technology out there to help you to enjoy the game more.

What makes this technology even more beautiful is that hardly anyone will ever even know that you are using it. You can add GPS systems to your golf bags and golf balls, and improve your game with software and applications. Sensors can take your game one more step up by telling you exactly how long you need to go when shooting. If you like golf, play it in the twenty-first-century style and add some tech to your game. You won’t want to go back.

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