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House Of The Dead Is Making A Superb Comeback After A Decade!

The last time we watched that the House of the Dead franchise at arcades, it had been with Sega’s House of the Dead 4, at a large deluxe sized cupboard using machine guns, motion sensing and a whole lot of zombies. We’ve seen minimal activity from the series as then, but it seems like, just like a zombie, Sega is bringing it back from the dead.

It Is Confirmed!

As you can see from this official game page, Sega is returning the franchise to the arcade with the forthcoming release of House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. The game looks to feature a youthful hero (sorry, Agent G fans), together with a femme fatale, who find themselves up against a horde of virtually unstoppable zombies, with whatever weapons they can get their hands on.

Like most arcade games nowadays, Sega looks like prepping a deluxe sized cupboard for the game, so players may sit indoors and literally feel the dread as they blast their way through an armada of opponents, using targeting aids and saving innocent victims before they fall prey to their undead predators.

What Are The New Highlights?

It’s difficult to make out particular details about the game, since it’s in Japanese. However, it looks like the game will make its debut later this month at Sega’s Club Sega place in Tokyo, before eventually rolling out into arcades later this season. There is no word yet on a house release, but this game will probably be hard to port without some kind of gun controller — although the DualShock 4’s movement sensing would make it easy to point and shoot enemies like an arcade gun game.

For now, Sega has not said any word regarding world supply in areas like Dave and Buster’s or alternative arcades of those lik. But considering that most of the organization’s House of the Dead line-up is still highly popular in areas like that, it just makes sense. We are likely to get the game sometime this summer since it’ll make a welcome return to form.

I just expect Sega considers incorporating some rumble-based attributes, such as it had with its small edition House of the Dead 4 arcade cabinet. Please?

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