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How do Online Planners Work and Are They Right for Your Business?

If you’re a business owner and have to organize a remote or hybrid team, you should start looking at online planners. These planners allow you to organize and streamline workflow visually through a digital planner that can be accessed from anywhere. They can be used by individuals who want to plan their days better, but they also allow for team planning.

Good online planners also do much more than help teams stick to a schedule. They can be used as a space to brainstorm and actively collaborate on very complex projects. Let’s take a look at how online planners work and if they’re the right choice for your business.

How do Online Annual Calendars Work?

It’s hard to tell how online annual calendars work because there are so many. But in most cases, online annual calendar planners will look like a calendar where you can add tasks, alerts, and links. They allow you to bring your schedule to life and get a quick annual, monthly, weekly, or daily view of the tasks that you need to complete, as well as important events and deadlines in the year ahead. You can use a tool that does online planning only or go for an online collaborative platform that will have an integrated planner.

These will usually offer an annual calendar template that you can use just like any stand-alone planner. The advantage of using an integrated planner, however, is that you can easily link it to various resources within the same platform. This will make your workflow easier and also make it easier for other members of your team to provide their input, make annotations, or corrections.

A good calendar planner will allow you to add information in different formats. Some will allow you to add text or virtual sticky notes, for instance. You can also assign tasks to different people using tags. Some planners will also allow you to add things like audio notes, images, or videos. They can be used to clarify certain things to members of your team or give more details if you don’t want to add too much text.

Icons can also be used to classify events and tasks. You could use icons to get a quick idea of how important certain tasks are, for instance. This can be an invaluable tool to avoid missing important deadlines while keeping track of more trivial things like team-building events, for instance.

Now that you know a bit more about how online annual calendar planners work, let’s take a closer look at what they can offer your business.

Online Access and Storage

One of the main benefits of online planners is that they are stored in the cloud. Not only can you access them whenever you want, but so can anyone on your team who has access to them. As long as you have an internet connection, you can check your calendar and make changes to it.

Another major benefit about online planners is that you’ll never have to worry about losing them or them getting destroyed. There’s a minute chance that the tool disappears off the map, but in most cases, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a backup.

They Save Time

Online planners will also allow you to save time. You can easily drag and drop items, add links, erase elements, or duplicate pages with a click. Another great thing about using an online planner is that you can quickly run searches and find information that is buried in there without having to scroll page after page until you find it.

They’re Reusable

People don’t think about how much money and material they’re wasting by using paper planners. Some paper planners out there cost as much as $50. If you have a large team and want to give each of your team members a planner, you could easily end up spending in the thousands just on planners. There is no reason to be spending that much money on something that could be done more easily and efficiently online.

We also haven’t discussed how much money you’ll be able to save on pencils, sticky notes, washi tape, and everything else that comes with using paper planners. So, if you haven’t switched to a paperless option, go online and cut your operating costs while limiting your carbon footprint.

These are all reasons why all businesses should consider switching to online planners right away. They’re so much more convenient and will allow you to run a much tighter ship while limiting your reliance on fragile and wasteful supports.

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