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How to Qualify for the Certified Ethical Hacking Exam?

Amazon Web Services provides cloud computing services on demand for personal or business use and government projects based on paid subscriptions. It enables you to use web services that provide your business with features like development and management tools. It also includes analytics services, content delivery, management system, messaging services, computing, database management, storage and payment services, mobile networking, etc. AWS offers several certifications that can add value to your resume. If you are interested in having a career in cybersecurity or want to become an ethical hacker, CEH certification is the most suitable choice to begin your journey. It is one of the most popular certifications for security professionals. This certification will assist you in advancing your ethical hacking concepts.

Why Should You Choose CEH?

Ethical Hacker Certification is a certification that will help organizations polish the already existing abilities of their team members related to the latest hacking tools and techniques. 

The training for CEH includes the latest hacking methodologies, vulnerability assignments, intruder identification, etc. Being CEH certified demonstrates that you are well-versed in all the significant ethical hacking components. 

As the EC-Council issues itthe demand for such courses increases day by day. Cloud computing is the technology that every organization wants because it is economical, quick, developed with better features, and there is no need for heavy maintenance. 

Out of the numerous course offered by AWS, CEH has gained wide popularity across the globe and is continuing to do so. This certification helps the IT team get knowledge about the tricks and techniques used by ethical and black hat hackers. 

Teams will learn how to defeat cyber-attacks, and it also helps organizations create a strong workforce by upskilling their members rather than hiring new individuals. If you are even a little familiar with the field of security, you should opt for the CEH Certification. 

Tips That Can Help You Pass the CEH Certification Exam

You should keep in mind these tips to pass the CEH certification exam:

  • Thorough Research- Before beginning your preparation, the first step is to conduct rigorous research about the examination. We suggest going through the CEH brochure as it briefly explains everything about the exam. Ensure you are eligible to appear for the exam and then proceed ahead. Remember that there are a few different versions of CEH certification; understand which one you want to prepare for.
  •   Study Guide: Various sites offer a comprehensive set of study guides to understand the course syllabus in-depth. These guides cover every topic thoroughly and expand your foundation. Therefore, start your preparation with several online study guides on numerous cyber security certifications.
  •    Practice Tests:These tests help to improve your knowledge and revise your subject matter. Take as many practice tests as you can. They might be a little difficult than the actual test, but that will only help you gain confidence. Most of the questions in the exam are tricky, so don’t rush and understand them thoroughly. 
  •    Forum Association:There are several CEH forums and blogs, and being a part of them comes with many benefits. You get the opportunity to associate yourself with people who have the same interests and goals that you do. You can participate in active discussions, ask the doubts of people who have already taken the exam, get valuable tips and strategies, general advice and insights, and much-needed motivation. 
  •    Study Checklist:After knowing what gaps exist in your knowledge and how to fill them, you should create a checklist of study topics, specifically prioritizing ones requiring more attention. Make sure to revise still the topics you already know, as it will help you refresh your memory a little. Although, addressing any knowledge gaps should be your priority.
  •    Exam Strategies:For every exam, there are common strategies. One of them is called the process of elimination, in which you have to eliminate the wrong answers. If you can differentiate between the right and wrong answers, the probability of you choosing the correct answer will improve.

The CEH Certification exam is not as easy as you think it is. It calls for extreme dedication and perseverance. Studying thoroughly is the only way to succeed. During the final week before the official exam, make sure to rest appropriately. Review your notes once and take as many practice tests as possible. 


The demand for people who can outsmart the black hat hackers and cybercriminals is soaring day by day. Ethical hackers have become a need to counter these unethical hackers. The CEH certification is offered to train potential white hats. 

Many multinational companies require AWS Certified Professionals as they are accredited by Amazon and possess the demanded skillset. Make sure to keep in mind the tips mentioned above, and you will have your CEH certification in no time.

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