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How Would Michelle Obama Answer the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Many people know Michelle Obama as the first black First Lady in the United States of America. She is an Ivy League graduate with years of experience in law and the private sector, as well as social issues advocate. She is the inspiration for many women to pursue bigger dreams and never fear failure. Michelle Obama is seen as a person who knows everything about paving the way to success.

The Doctor of Law had her way from working in a law firm to being active in political campaigns. It is important to get a position in a company that can provide you with an essential skill set. You can skip this part, but you also can make the most of these experiences and turn them into your asset. That’s why even the hardest or boring job interview questions and answers allow you to identify what aspects to strengthen.

Writing the perfect resume is only one step toward your dream job. If you are thinking, “I need someone to do my resume,” you should visit professional resume writing services to make your job application flawless. Your resume should provide a comprehensive but concise summary of your accomplishments and key skills. It is also important to beat the ATS system and bots to get to the second round.

And if you’re already there, use the tips below to prepare for the job interview questions and get hired.

The Main Principle of Answering Job Interview Questions

During her visit to Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Language College (EGA), Michelle Obama said you need to practice who you want to be. Quite literally, this advice gives you a hint that you have to put energy and effort into that.

Before your conversation with the recruiter, mind that you should show your interest in the position by preparing your own questions to ask in a job interview. You should be an active participant during the interview.

So, when you get ready to meet with the hiring manager, think about what you would say in the first place. Never say something you don’t believe in or practice.

How Would Michelle Obama Answer the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Tell Me a Little About Yourself

The first item is one of the most nerve-racking questions to ask in a job interview because we often forget mid-sentence who we are. It is a normal human reaction to be lost with this question. People are constantly changing: they learn more, they change beliefs, and they become better. “Your story is what you own,” Mrs. Obama writes in her best-selling memoir, Becoming.

It is good to balance your answer between your accomplishments and your values. Don’t be monotonous, too humble, or too apologetic about your past positions. You are an attractive candidate with a bag of experiences you are willing to put to the benefit of the company.

What Are Your Biggest Strengths?

It’s the second out of the common questions to ask in a job interview on our list. You can have many strengths, but if you humble yourself, you will sound unreliable. In Becoming, Michelle Obama writes that her self-doubt was the thing that held her back during her formative years.

You should be critical and hold yourself accountable. But never delve into self-doubting. Your work experience is your biggest proof of what you are capable of.

What Are Your Biggest Weaknesses?

Here is another item considered one of the most popular questions to ask in a job interview. Just like with your strengths, your weaknesses show the areas that you took to improve yourself. If you ever failed something, own it like a win. The former First Lady says resilience transforms everything. If you failed, it means you tried. And making mistakes is not a weakness but a benefit.

Self-assessment and continuous work show you are changing. Any challenge evaluated from a positive perspective shows your creativity. Therefore, discuss your weaknesses in a good light.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

It’s one of the most tricky and hard job interview questions that an employer can ask about your long-term plans. Life is unpredictable, but if you follow the advice of Mrs. Obama, you know that whenever you are, you have to negotiate your ways and ask what you need. The answer to this question is linked to the previous idea that you must own your story.

No story is too ambitious. But you have to present your major goals and interests cohesively. Don’t jump around with business plans; rather, show that you know what you would like to do in the future.

Why Should We Hire You?

Out of all questions to ask in a job interview, this one gives you a chance to elaborate on something you haven’t discussed before. For Michelle Obama, becoming is achieving a certain aim and evolution. The employee you plan to work with can give you tools, and you can grow together. You are not only investing in your career, but you hope to engage and transform your surroundings as well.

It is hard to predict the thought process of a recruiter, but when you acknowledge that landing a job benefits both parties, you can interest them. Show that you are not alone in this journey, and your job search is a way to create connections with others.

What Is Your Leadership Style?

Again, your accomplishments are the best display of your leadership style. Michelle Obama is most famous for her compassionate and admirable leadership, meaning she puts people first. It is the best way to build a favorable work environment.

Your leadership style is a combination of knowing how to deliver your thoughts and finding a compromise. Don’t talk about your qualities when answering job interview questions; instead, discuss various situations at work. Just like the former First Lady, acknowledge all pros and cons and explain how it helps you grow in your career field.

Job Interview Questions: The Bottom Line

Michelle Obama is the best role model to follow in your professional journey. You will not always win or fail. For more info you can visit livecareer reviews here. Sometimes, your job routines will be bleak. But it doesn’t mean you have to downplay the importance of staying positive. Being prepared for job interview questions and answers is one of the signs that everything will go well. Good luck!

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