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Java Developers Possible Roles and Responsibilities for Your Project Creation

Java Developers

Software development is always a challenging still quite an interesting task and choosing the right team to share the responsibility for your project creation is one of the most important steps.

Hiring remote Java developers may be a cost-saving but effective solution, of course, under the condition that the specifics of your project match the technical capabilities of this programming language.

So, let’s find out why Java is good for software development and your business, what are the Java developer’s job duties and how to hire remote web developers efficiently.

Who is the Full Stack Java Developer?

If to define the specifics of this specialist using the java developer job description, then, this is the tech professional who is well-versed in Java programming language, have practical skills with other tools that are used in Java programming, and may also provide his expertise for conceptualizing, designing, developing, running, testing and launching Java-powered apps.

As for the full-stack Java developer, this is the person who may be responsible for creating the application frontend and backend as well, using Java and other platform and project-specific tools.

Thus, below are some of the java developer job duties:

  • Conceptualizing – Since Java developers are involved at each stage of the project creation, they often take part in the process of concept development.
  • Design – For the same reasons, Java developers often work hand in hand with designers since their joint task is to achieve the best user interface and provide for the best user experience, and these parts of the app development process are technical and creative at the same time.
  • Coding – Being able to write clear and understandable Java code is the main Java developer requirement.
  • Project management – If a Java project is created according to Agile, Java developers often take part in project management and meetings with product owners to explain to them the development specifics, report on the progress, and agree on the next step.
  • Testing – At this stage, Java developers work in conjunction with testers and Quality Assurance specialists to come up with a bug-free product finally.
  • Maintenance – Any software needs to be updated and maintained, so in most cases, the work of Java developers doesn’t end after the project launch.

Why Does Your Business Need Java Developers?

According to the Using Java in Business Applications research, “Because the business logic and the design are very important for the groups of developers, software architects, and the end-users, choosing Java as programming platform is a good option regarding the costs, splitting the tasks, enhance the source code and independency from the system operating.

Also, Java programming language permits to create custom classes, to build personal connection drives, to choose the way of building reports and to deploy applications on different types of servers.”

So, there can be a lot of reasons your business may need Java developers.

  1. The specifics of your project perfectly match the technical capabilities of the Java programming language. Because of the almost versatile nature of Java, it may be successfully used for Android apps creation, web application development. Java is also used in Big Data and NLP projects, and this programming language is extremely good for creating large-scale enterprise software.
  2. Java is free, and it also has a lot of open-source libraries and worthy APIs to be reused in your projects. Thus, Java is a cost-effective tool since in this case, you will have to pay for Java development services, and perhaps, java developer certifications if you want your team to have them.
  3. Java is perfect for remote collaboration. This is a distributed language so your Java development team will find it easy to work on your project from anywhere. What’s more, there are a lot of Java developers’ advantages you may grab for your business as well by hiring them from SPD Group which has 10+ years of experience in Java programming.

Advantages of Java Developers

So, below are some reasons to consider hiring Java developers for your project creation.

  • These professionals are suitable for different project development so you may hire them once and then, apply for their services each time you need to create one more piece of software.
  • There are several options for hiring Java developers. You may hire Java developers either in-house or outsource your software development process near or offshore. Let’s compare the pros and cons of these opportunities.
  • They are affordable to hire. For example, the average salary of an entry-level Java developer in the USA is $30 per hour. By the way, you may hire them even more affordably and get better-skilled specialists if you choose the right software development outsourcing destination.
  • There is a tremendous talent pool. There are 23.9 million developers worldwide while 7.6 of them are Java programmers so there are really great opportunities to gather your development team, especially if you are open to remote collaboration.

Outsourcing vs in-House: What Is the Best for Software Development?

Outsourcing In-House

This is the most cost-effective option. Outsourcing your project creation may save you up to 60% of the development budget.

You may get in touch with the best Java programmers from any corner of the planet while reasonably balancing between price and quality.

You don’t need to make investments in-office maintenance, equipment, and so on. Instead, the price for the development services will be defined in your contract with the vendor.

There are a lot of worth-considering outsourcing destinations. For example, Java developers from Ukraine have tons of hands-on experience in working with American and European customers.

Hiring an in-house team is a good option if you are going to proceed with software development, perhaps, turn it into one more business activity and need your technical professionals to stay nearby.

Having your developers under your roof provides for better flexibility if the development course changes suddenly.

There is a better chance of clear communication.


There can be a language barrier between you and your team, so make sure your development vendor guarantees the language-proficiency of the team.

There can be huge differences in business ethics and mentality too, however, sometimes it may be your competitive advantage. For example, it really makes sense to hire Indian developers if you want your future product to be sold in the Indian market.

There can be miscommunication issues, however, most reliable vendors already have life-proven communication practices, reporting schedules, and specific workflows.

You will have to invest a lot in office rent and equipment, pay for the organizational and hiring processes, as well as pay all the corresponding fees and taxes.

Taking the current pandemic into account, indoor gatherings are unsafe.

83% of the developers are working remotely, and don’t want to change it, so you will have to make your job offer really attractive to lure the best talents into the office work.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Java Developers?

Java Developers Average Net Salaries
Java Developers Average Net Salaries

Thus, the cost to hire Java developers depends on the way to hire them but if you decide to outsource your software development, it will also depend on the outsourcing destination. For example:

  • The US and some European countries like Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, have the highest living standard in the world, and that’s why hiring developers from these countries may be quite costly. Instead, the companies from these countries are also looking for a more affordable way to hire non-local developers.
  • Eastern European countries (and especially Ukraine) are believed to be the best outsourcing destinations because of the reasonable price-quality ratio, convenience time zones and business hours overlapping, the absence of language barriers, and mentality gaps.
  • Far East countries are the cheapest outsourcing destinations, so you should be especially careful while choosing the country to outsource your project to from the Far East list.


Thus, there are a lot of ways to hire Java developers for your project creation, and what’s more, this decision may be quite promising for your business.

So, take one more look at your project specifics, find whether hiring an in-house team or outsourcing the development process is more suitable for your company, and hurry up to take action towards your goal.

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