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Mobile Apps: The Game Changer for Businesses in 2024

Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone. Be it a consumer or an owner, all keep scrolling through various applications simultaneously to buy or sell products and services to fulfill their purposes. Statista shares some really interesting figures: there are 6.3 billion smartphone users across the globe. Then Buildfire also reveals that in 2024, experts have put forward their opinion that there will be approximately 187.5 million mobile shoppers in the US. Apart from that 35% of the US locals make the most out of their mobile devices to purchase online.

If your business hasn’t joined the mobile revolution, this blog is here to guide you.

The Advantages Of Entering The Horizon Of Mobile Applications 

With average Americans checking their mobile phones 144 times per day, businesses are missing out on a huge opportunity to make the shopping experience better for the customers if they are still underestimating the power of mobile applications as the advantages are as follows:

Shows That You Care About The Customer’s Needs 

It is no rocket science that businesses run on customer satisfaction. How are they kept satisfied? By being very well aware of what their requirements are. The businesses who overlook this factor fail to receive any kind of respect in the eyes of the customer and ultimately are compelled to vanish from the market too. 

By developing and maintaining user-friendly mobile apps, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to customer centricity in several ways:

  • Convenience: Mobile apps provide a convenient way for customers to access products, services, and information at any time and from anywhere. This increased accessibility fosters a positive customer experience.
  • Improved communication: Mobile apps can facilitate two-way communication between businesses and customers. Businesses can use push notifications to share promotions, updates, and personalized messages, while customers can easily submit feedback or inquiries directly through the app.
  • Enhanced experience: Mobile apps can offer features like loyalty programs, order tracking, and personalized recommendations, all designed to improve the customer journey and increase purchase satisfaction.

Can Track Orders

Earlier, the customers had to contact you through the provided helpline number and ask about the status of their orders. Despite showing the deadline, orders usually never reached the owner on time. This led to severe frustrations at the buyer’s end as according to the business the parcel had been sent, but was never received. As a result, the customer left negative feedback for the business regarding poor service and that the order got delayed or misplaced. Can the business expect to flourish like this? No, right? Therefore mobile applications have become necessary as there is a tracking option in the application. 

That will save the business from facing humiliation and prevent it from losing customer’s trust. When the customer places an order, an order ID is generated which is further linked with the tracking ID. So with the help of a mobile application, the customer will be provided with the tracking link that will make it easier for them to see the progress of their parcel. Once they receive the package, the business can also send a short thank you message at the end as a confirmation and for customer retention. 

Unlocks The Doors For Security

No customer prefers shopping from the business’s websites which brings along security issues. Because there is a risk of getting data breached and by data, we mean the customer’s personal details like name, contact number, address, etc. This again becomes a red flag. Hence mobile applications should be used as they unlock the doors for security. 

Some vendors require the customer to receive online signatures which also ends up giving errors, therefore businesses can consider switching to a handwritten signature generator. The alternative ensures the signature’s authenticity is secure with no chances of alterations. It will save you from getting the entity in trouble and investing money in recovering the loss you had to bear due to the technical bugs. A win-win situation at both ends.

Besides the signature factor, mobile applications protect the online transfer of money. People often buy products in bulk and in today’s time, very few keep physical cash and ask if there is a digital way of sending money, so mobile applications come forward to assist as money transfer becomes easier. 

Give Tough Time To The Competitor

If none of the competitors of the business niche have their mobile application then guess what? Your business can actually give a tough time to their rivals in the industry. When you are the first one to adopt this technology then imagine how viral you will be in the market discovering this platform is the first from the specific industry to introduce their mobile application. To make things more exciting for the customers a witty way to encourage people to install mobile applications is by offering promotional offers and discounts and then witnessing the lines on the graph soaring compelling your competitors to envy your move and growth in the market. 

Wouldn’t you like to become the talk of the town when everyone will be discussing your mobile phone application and the early bird discounts it is offering? Plus you will see a significant improvement in your annual revenue reports too because the mobile application provides businesses with double profits as compared to the traditional methods. 


We have reached the end of the blog and have covered the major aspects that what benefits mobile applications have in store for businesses such as showing care towards the customer’s requirements, unlocking doors for security, giving a good opportunity to the platform to leave their rivals wondering the secret of success and the facility of tracking orders. Ladies and gentlemen, mobile applications are the future!

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