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Few Fears & These Mumbai Couple Seek Permission to Die Together

It’s very strange to see someone at the age of 78 & 87 years wants to die together just because of some fears. Iravati Lavate & her husband Narayan Lavate don’t want to enjoy life anymore and had shown interest to donate their organs to Indian soldiers. They had appealed to CM Jayalalitha, President Ramnath Govind for hanging them to ensure painless death.

Why Does Couple want to Die?

Iravati Lavate and her husband Narayan Lavate have fear of aging and scared of living without each other and that’s the reason, they are asking permission from the government.

Narayan and Iravati Lavate

What Iravati and Narayan Lavate Does?

Mr. Narayan was an RTO employee and his wife, Mrs. Iravati was former headmistress of Aryan High School, Gurgaon. Both don’t have kids as they planned it. Iravati was not so fond of kids and according to Narayan, it’s an act of selfishness. It seems they have their own theory of living the life. Although, they have siblings, nephews and nieces who keep meeting them but the couple is sticking to their decisions.

Both of them also tried & attempted suicide since 25 years but now, they are fear of pain. Now, both wants to die.

What’s fear around them?

What makes them take the decision of attempting suicide? What’s their fear? How’s that choice made? These all were answered by him.

  1. They don’t want to go through the aging diseases.
  2. They don’t have the purpose of living the life.
  3. They don’t want to live without each other.

He said, “What is the use of living further?We have no purpose. And beyond 75 years of age, you fall prey to various ailments and infirmities.”

What Iravati & Narayan doing in their life at this stage of time?

When this question asked to Mr. Narayan, He replied, “I’m currently reading law books because I want to know the judgments and precedents on euthanasia,”. He also surrounded himself with the books which keep him or her wife updated about aging illness to counteract the diseases. He is having books of forensic science, Indian Judiciary and PILs.

They are reaching out to each and every organization who could help them in getting the permission of suicide or getting suicide without any pain.

As far as I know, No one could help them. They are fit, having no mental or physical issues. They can cheer up their lives and in that case, which government or organization will allow them to suicide.

They have also written to president office asking permission of “Active Euthanasia which means an overdose of painkillers or drugs”. 

My Opinion:

Do you think one always have their purpose of life? How many of young ages have the purpose of their life? Don’t you think one can have their own purpose of life or one can find the purpose of life? Yeah, I understand at the age of 84 & 75, it’s hard to enjoy the life but they can help countless people by providing their support & by doing some sort of charity.

What do you think? What’s your advice? They are neither ill nor distress yet the couple wants to die and donate their organs to Indian Soldiers.

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