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Norton app lock APK download (updated 2018)

Looking for an application to lock apps on your android? Is your data not safe? Is someone peeking into your phone?

Well, you are definitely in the right place. Norton App Lock deals with privacy of phones. This is the best app lock to keep your phone safe. It ensures your privacy of content. And also makes sure that the data is safe if in case you lost your phone.

Norton App lock
Norton app lock APK download (updated 2018)

What is Norton App Lock?

You have lots of important and sensitive information saved into your phone or tablet which has to be protected. Norton App Lock protects your personal information, Data, Pictures, Files, Documents, financial Information, Location access with a privacy even if you have lost your phone, shared or if i is stolen.

Lock your Phone, lock your Applications and ensure your privacy with the Norton App Lock. Apply Pattern or Password lock screen for the security of your phone.

This App ensures your phone privacy at first so as it safeguards your sensitive information, application from crafty criminals or battery draining viruses. It protects the phone from such virus which other applocks cannot perform. This App is included into tools category of App store. To know more information about the developers and Company you can visit Norton’s website.

How do I use Norton App Lock?

This app can be downloaded and installed on android phones which support 16 api or above. Download the app from the browser and click on install to install it to phone.

How do I lock certain apps?

  • Open the Norton App lock.
  • Choose the apps which you feel to be protected by privacy lock.
  • Choose PIN, Password or Pattern whichever you want.
  • Add PIN, Password or Pattern security to lock apps which don’t have privacy.
  • Lock any number of apps with the 4 digit PIN or use unique Pattern drawn with your finger.
  • You can also prevent unauthorized and those embarrassing “pocket dial” accidents.

What does Norton App Lock do?

  • Add password to the apps which need security.
  • Lock more than one apps with password or pattern or PIN
  • Seek privacy from intruders by ensuring lock to apps.
  • Make sure you are the only one who uses social media apps from your phone.
  • Keep contents private if you are handling your phone with kids.
  • Add a layer lf security if your phone is stolen, or lost.
  • Choose the apps you want to lock —all, some, or follow our recommendations

Features of Norton App Lock

  • Privacy to sensitive information

Save your sensitive, financial and personal data from the intruders.

Lock every information, application which is important to you and ensure extra security if your Android is lost or stolen.

  • Lock gallery and video apps

Provide privacy to your photos and videos from intruders.

  • Lock social media apps

Ensure the privacy of social media apps by keeping them safe by locking them so no one makes misuse of any of the apps.

  • Restricted parental control

If you are a parent then you can make use of Norton App Lock to keep the contents safely from your kids or friends while they play games or watch videos.

  • Sneak peek anti-theft

This anti-theft feature captures the photo of anyone who tries to peek into your phone and fails to unlock your phone after 3 attempts.
Those photos are saved into your Gallery.

  • Privacy Policy

Norton respects the privacy of its users and carefully safeguards their information too.

  • Antivirus Protection

Be sure to also install Norton Mobile Security antivirus protection to prevent bad apps from damaging your phone and stealing your important information.


Norton App Lock has also proven its worth Because it has kept the customer’s privacy always at first. It has always been listed in top 10 App Lock applications. It has created a benchmark in ensuring the safety and security of Androids.

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