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Portals 2 Download Free | Features | System Requirements| Pros & Cons and Trailer


Portal 2 builds on the award-winning recipe of groundbreaking games, narrative, and music that received over 70 feature values from the initial Portal and generated a loyal following.

Portal 2’s single-player section features diverse new players, a range of fresh puzzle mechanics, and a far more extensive collection of devious test chambers. Participants must visit the Aperture Science Laboratories’ never-before-seen locations and reunite with GLaDOS, the sometimes violent robot friend who has driven them since the initial campaign.

Features of portal 2 games:

  • Extensive single player: Featuring cutting edge interactivity and a fiercely immersing story.
  • Complete two-man community: Multiplayer game highlighting its own devoted story, characters, and ongoing interaction.
  • Advanced material science: Allows for the formation of an entirely different scope of energizing difficulties, delivering a lot bigger however not harder game.
  • Original music.
  • Massive continuation: The first Portal was named 2007’s Game of the Year by more than 30 distributions around the world.
  • Editing Tools: Portal 2 altering apparatuses will be incorporated.

How to install Portals 2 free download.

Step 1.

You would be redirected to UploadHaven once you click on the download button on the screen found on the Portals 2 free download screen.

Step 2:

Once you have been directed, just wait for five seconds or more and click on yet another ‘Download Now’ with a blue background is another part of portal2 download

This would commence the portals 2 free download, and you need to wait for it to finish downloading completely.

Step 3:

After the file of portal two is downloaded, locate the zip file .’ Right click’ on the.Zip file and wait for a message to appear” Extract to Portals 2 download free.’.

Step 4:

Click on that message, and you should have ‘ WinRar’ for this purpose. In case you do not have, you can download it from this site.

Step 5:

You need to run a home application for Portals 2 download free. Double click inside on the Portal 2 folder to run the exe application.

Step 6:

Now everything is done and ready for playing. Spend s minute to sign in as an administrator before you start running the game.

Step 7:

In case you have missed errors like DLL, you need to search for a CommonRedist folder. Now install all these programs into that folder.

Note: Execute the Portals 2 download free with a direct link only. Also, run it as an administrator for this is the game’s full version.

System Requirements

  • Operating  software: Windows 7 / Vista / XP
  • Processor: 3.0 GHz P4, Dual Core 2.0 (or higher) or AMD64X2 (or higher)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Video card must be 128 MB or more and with support for Pixel Shader 2.0b (ATI Radeon X800 or higher / NVIDIA GeForce 7600 or higher / Intel HD Graphics 2000 or higher).
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 8 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible

Portals 2 Download free

How to play the game:

Guidelines on how to play Portals 2 download free co-op game.

  1. Press X on the controller, which is a square on the P53 controller.
  2. Launch Portal 2
  3. There would be two types of modes. Click on one
  4. People known to you would appear, and you need to invite at least one person.
  5. The game starts immediately as soon as the other person accepts your invite.

Review of Portals2

Portal 2 needed to add new protagonists and say a more comprehensive, more accurate tale to maintain a longer journey than Portal and give excited fans the sustenance they wanted.

We clearly understood at the start of Portal that we’re a test topic and that we needed to pass exams to advance. We thought we would finally have to face GLaDOS, but no accurate description of our position or intent was offered apart from what we could learn from the rude comments of GLaDOS and the cryptic scribbles concealed behind wall panels.

The understated tale of Portal is part of what makes it so exciting, but although Portals 2 download free does not entirely move into overt attention, it casts off all of the subtle.

Yet what would it have done? Portals 2 couldn’t shock us in the way we need to shock and yet shocking, but it surprises us with many different surprises, seriously, I’m not going to scare you. In reality, the surprise is a prominent recurrent motif in the game, which seems like an overt acknowledgment of our ability to fool by it.

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Understanding Portal 2 download free

is more sentimental than Portal1, without lacking the irreverent tongue-in-cheek. Often I loved the game’s realism and morality so much that I was troubled by the silliness, but ultimately it’s well-balanced. Its puzzles are some of the most complex and creative tasks I’ve ever faced.

Therefore every moment in each section in each chapter seemed like a fragment of a puzzle.  I didn’t realize this was being placed together until the image was before me.

In Portals 2, all is planned, built, and paced to prevent boredom and keep you curious, wondering, and smiling. The planned incidents are so vividly crafted, relevant, and fluidly blended with the action that I feel like I was holding a chat with it at the end of the session, rather than enjoying it. The valve is starting to look more like a techno-psychology facility than a software maker.

I’m not suggesting it’s suitable for a single-player encounter. I stumbled a lot of times, particularly during Cave Johnson’s episodes, not because I didn’t see a reasonable correlation, but because I didn’t see a remote platform and wasted 10 minutes searching for a more complicated alternative. Many players would face the same thing, although some will play through the game without ever misdirecting. It is a small concern that arises only from the size of Valve ‘s ambition for Portals 2 download free.

That vision often includes a single, similarly fantastic, co-op mode, albeit in specific ways.

Cooperative Research

The “Cooperative Research Project” of Portals 2 download free pits a couple of lovable robots, P-body and Atlas, toward test chambers built by GLaDOS for 40 +. As you should only feel the thrill of cracking each puzzle once, wisely pick your co-op buddy-playing with somebody who knows the answers is no pleasure.

Cooperation in the cooperative mode of Portals 2 is real cooperation-that is; it’s is basically a “co-op” game but it’s even more than that just includes playing alongside each other in what might be called as a single-player game. How can you turn across? You need to move the wife into an endless loop that drops, then blast her out of a building. Where can you move in the center of a pit to an elevated platform? Launch yourself over opposite sides of the divide concurrently and clash with mid-air. When you’re going to play online, the basic requirement is a microphone, but you may also label locations where you need your friend to fire a link if the trick isn’t achieving through verbal description.

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Robotic testers

The little robotic testers will enter the five zones of mode from a widely vacant hub space, which also shows depicts a few statistics (fun fact: the robotic form has taken a taken up a huge measure over 20,000). The study chambers soon become baffling after a short demonstration to direct the gamers to group thought. If your domain of quiz and puzzle-solving abilities are not comfortable, play the single game, which offers a far friendlier growth opportunity, before attempting the co-op.

While you can’t be dead in the portal, there are lots of chances for each of the gamers and their companions to crack, kill, and generally entangle each other, rendering trust or belief is a significant factor.

Trustworthiness belongs to you and you are the one to a step about it, so any of the Pixar-Esque emots of the protagonists, like a kiss or thumbs-up, you should still apologize. If your enthusiastic friend just jumped off from the cliff and plunged into the gap, it would be more fitting to chuckle in the face.

The emotes may also be seen by her surveillance cameras to mock GLaDOS together. Ultimately, you are not required to help but shape a respectable fist-bump relationship with your friend.

When the conceptual leap needed to fix a maze “clicked” for both the gamers at the same moment, we excitedly hurried to make the aerobic jumps to the exit ramp. We never missed each other practically high-five before going along to the next room of GLaDOS.


The individual-player and similar modes with cooperation in Portals 2 free download are massive together but the duration is different. Within a weekend, you can comfortably finish both pieces if you don’t intend to do other stuffs in the meantime. Nevertheless, metaphorically it’s big as hell. A large, amorphous structure must power you as it constantly reconstitutes itself. All are vibrant, including the music that plays all the time when working is finish, as though the facility has artificial sighs breathing out. It’s a considerable amount.

Portal was insanely precise for a cause, and Portals 2 download free had to be longer to support its straight cut release, but I’m grateful it not as lengthy as I expected it to be, its short. If it were long, then it would be in the route to the detriment of its frames and pace, increasing tiredness and watering down the experience.

Yeah, steady pace, tidy set parts, that’s all nice, but is it paying $60, you dumb over-hyped editor? First of all, I don’t like the language you’ve read that very last part. But that’s a good query, and it took a long time for the flickering cursor on my computer. It is to tell me the response, which is an anti-climactic “yeah.”

In the event that we were looking into Portals 2 carefully as a diversion item that finished when you beat it. I may be warier, yet, and still, at the end of the day. I can without much of a stretch say that playing through Portals 2 is as significant as observing six ideal motion pictures for $60 (a liberally low estimation). But Portals 2 download free isn’t a waste of time. Indeed it is one of the most engaging strategic games. I can likewise say that I’ve burned through $60 on dates at dull cafés and disregarded the cost the following day – not on the grounds that I’m rich. But since I’ve acknowledged the expense of extravagances and amusement. I wouldn’t recommend those restaurants to anyone.

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The Pros and Cons


  • The story gets extended while playing in co-op mode
  • There cannot be a better sequel
  • The voices are loud and still manage to sound hilarious.
  • Co-op mode is fun.
  • The addition of new environmental elements gives the game a fresher look.


  • It’s disappointing that the game should end
  • Postgame extras are limited.
  • Expansions under co-op mode bound to get expensive.
  • one has to load screens frequently.
  • The end theme song is not changed.
  • The game does drift at times aimlessly.




Portals 2 isn’t what I expected it to be, but how can it be? In 2007, Portal leaped out from behind the launch of Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Catching us unprepared and bewildering our faces off, and we have spent the last four years canonizing it with stories about Partner Cubes, cake myths, and massive achievements. Without the element of suspense, and with an overwhelming tower of demands towering above it. The only Valve maker might have tried to make Portals 2 the next best thing. It proved effective.

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