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Prodigy Math Game Reviews | Latest Features

Who doesn’t love games? I mean everyone loves to play games. Especially children are so attracted that they even neglect studies and play. With the advancements in technology and with smartphones, tablets, and laptops available, children are easily distracted. The focus is less on studies and more on games. Just imagine an application with the game theme can educate your children on math formulas? It will be amazing, right. Children will get fun and formulas at the same time. Prodigy Math Game is one such application to fulfill the point mentioned above. Here I discuss Prodigy math game reviews and its features.

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Prodigy Math Game

The game is designed especially for students of 1st -8th grades. Math formulas are easy to understand but tough to master. A formula gets into the mind after doing many example problems. There will be cases where students tend to forget formulas. The game consists of more than 1200+ math skills to master. This consists of fighting with monsters in battles, rewards, spells and much more. Players will need spells to defeat monsters and those spells are earned by answering math questions.

Features of Prodigy Math Game

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Excellent response rate

Incorrect answers will be replied by the system with correct answers along with an explanation.

Very much reliable application

The app helps the kids to remember and he/she will remember formulas for the longest time.

The application changes the difficulty level according to the performance

Based on the performance, difficulty levels of questions changes automatically.

Unique account for users

Players will need to create an account initially by giving username and password along with parent email address.

Parent Monitoring

Parents will have 24*7 access to a dashboard with which they can have an observation on the progress of their children.

Gives off rewards

Players can earn more coins and rewards by giving the right answers.

Price of Prodigy Math Game

The app is absolutely free. The above-mentioned game rewards, math skills and exams are free and there also exists a paid version with which you can unlock extra content. Monthly subscription of Prodigy Math Game is around $8.95. A yearly subscription of this game is around $59.98.

Prodigy Math Game Reviews

94% of the reviews are positive and people are happy with this application. One way or the other, parents want their children to remember formulas so that they can do well in exams. But you might get a doubt as to why focus on maths subject?

There are a lot of students who face terrible difficulty understanding math formulas and concepts. Prodigy Math Game is helpful for all of them. Students generally spend their time playing games after coming from schools. With this application, they get entertainment and knowledge at the same time.

Along with this, the price is also free. Prodigy Math Game is worth your try. It works as promised to improve your children’s math skills abilities.

Available platforms for Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game is available on all major platforms like IOS, Android, and Windows. The application covers the math concepts such as addition, fractions, subtraction, numbers, multiplication, geometry, probability, functions and so on.

There are various other android games which are also useful for kids. So let’s have a look at other kids games.


Prodigy Math Game really works. Hard work is important for achieving any tasks and children of this generation lacks it as they are surrounded by gadgets. But with this game, children can learn math skills in a fun way and will be able to remember them for a long time. For more latest updates and features, stay reading us.

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