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Rahul Gandhi: In Gujarat, Congress busted BJP’s talk of development.

 Congress president Rahul Gandhi posted on twitter that if BJP had a film franchise “it would be called Lie Hard”.

Congress had busted BJP’s talk of “vikas (development) and also Modi model”, party president Rahul Gandhi had said on Saturday that while returning to the state in five days of the loss during the elections in assembly.

“We lost the elections, but we have won. This is the reality… Now they cannot talk of vikas and (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi model,” Rahul Gandhi had said that at the public meeting in Ahmedabad which highlighted as the Congress’ best poll performance in Gujrat since 1990.

“We won because they (BJP) fought with anger, with money, police, chief ministers from various states, industrialists. We had only truth. We stood against this and showed it to entire country that Congress can fight and win.” The Congress had won 77 seats in the recently concluded elections, also 16 more than what its 2012 tally was in the 182-member assembly. The BJP had regained power while bagging 99 seats which was 16 down from its 2012 showing.

“Three months ago, it was seen as if the Congress would not be even able to give a fight in Gujarat. But we cornered the BJP from all quarters,” said Gandhi. “In Gujarat, the Congress has shown what it can do if united, and follows its ideology.”


He also congratulated Vijay Rupani because of being chosen as the CM again. Because of recieving fire from BJP leaders because of temple visits across Gujarat before the assembly elections in which Rahul Gandhi marked his return to the state because of praying at Somnath temple at Prabhas Patan town towards the morning.

While being on his sustained campaign in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi had also visited more than twenty temples. However, there was also a controversy which was over his name which was on being listed as a non-Hindu in the temple Somnath that was registered during his previous visit where Rahul Gandhi revealed that he was a lord Shiv devotee.

During the campaign, Uttar Pradesh chief minister and BJP leader Yogi Adityanath described Gandhi’s visits to temples as “just a pretence”.

The Congress had also dismissed criticism of Rahul Gandhi’s temple visits, also the said party did not do that to portray the image of “soft Hindutva” face or even toplay a “Hindu card”.

During his one-day visit to Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi also did meet many party functionaries from the four zones of Gujarat to analyse the elections.


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