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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Bitcoin [2021]


Are you choosing a cryptocurrency to purchase?

Choose Bitcoin, the main, the most popular, and the most expensive coin! It has already proved itself as one of the best investment options.

Just remember how much it was when it was just launched! Its price was less than a dollar, even less than a cent! And now just look how immensely it has grown since then.

Well, this is not the only reason why you should purchase Bitcoin on an instant crypto exchange online. Here are some more reasons.


Reason 1 – Bitcoin Is Very Volatile

High volatility means risk but it also means an opportunity to get rich within a very short time. So, investigate everything about Bitcoin and make sure you buy and sell it at the right time.

Reason 2 – Market Advantage

An average user has, most likely, not heard a lot about Monero, and a question of how to convert Monero to Bitcoin sounds strange for such a user.

However, the word “Bitcoin” is heard constantly. Even if somebody isn`t sure what Bitcoin is, the name of the coin is familiar. So, Bitcoin has already a significant market advantage.

Reason 3 – Limited Supply

The number of coins mined is limited. So, the coin price cannot be inflated artificially.

Reason 4 – It Is a Trusted Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been around for longer than any other cryptocurrency. During all these years, the coin price has grown immensely, and it continues growing.

Whoever you ask, they will tell you that they would rather prefer purchasing Bitcoins than any other cryptocurrency, with a condition that they have enough funds for such a purchase.

Reason 5 – It Is Accepted Increasingly

Bitcoin is accepted by all cryptocurrency exchanges and many more institutions. There are even online shops that accept payments in Bitcoin. It is expected that in the future, Bitcoin is going to be used just like we use fiat money nowadays.

Reason 6 – Bitcoin Is Regulated in Most Countries

Bitcoin is a coin that is legal and regulated in many countries. Anyway, when people speak about cryptocurrency, most of them mean Bitcoin.

Reason 7 – Bitcoin Is as Safe as a Cryptocurrency Can Be

Bitcoin uses powerful cryptography to provide top safety levels to its users. All the transactions are recorded in the Bitcoin blockchain. So, nothing can be changed or frauded.

Transactions are anonymous. However, they can be tracked in the blockchain to ensure that criminal activities are prevented.

Reason 8 – Bitcoin Is Improving

With technological advancement, changes are needed even to the most perfect systems. Bitcoin is being improved.

For example, the Lightning Network was built to make micropayments in Bitcoin cheaper and faster. Many more improvements are coming!

Bottom Line

Bitcoin has always been a major cryptocurrency. While there are around 8,000 other coins, Bitcoin as a leader is undeniable. We can be insisting that one or another coin might replace Bitcoin. But for now, it hasn`t happened. Neither is likely to happen in the near future.

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