Crypto Battle: BTC vs ETH vs MCO [2021]

A crypto battle measures a coin’s establishment purpose, its advantages, and disadvantages, similarities with other coins.

A detailed outline of each of the cryptocurrencies will not make much sense as a year of launching or a founder are not the main point. And to what specific conclusion to arrive at is an individual choice of an investor, trader, and any other crypto market participant.

Aim: BTC vs ETH vs MCO



The primary objective of Bitcoin lies in the replacement of fiat currencies yet remaining a medium of exchange and a store of value.

Security is the fundamental feature the e-currency provides thanks to C++ programming and has less than 4 commands to enter the public ledger which is bad news for hackers.



The initial intention of Ethereum platform development is the maintenance of smart programmatic contracts and applications that are being run by the currency itself with no third party interference, censorship, frauds.

In other words, the primary aim of building ETH is its smart contract and decentralized application (dApps) facilitation and monetization. Ethereum’s protocol allows the programming of more types of smart contracts within the Ethereum system. And you can invest in it to book maximum profit.



The goal of starting Monaco (MCO), (or, CRO) as a cryptocurrency network is building crypto projects, besides making it a method of payment.

It is a great-performing blockchain that allows cost-effective and secure transaction execution between crypto users and well-experienced merchants, traders, investors.

If necessary, to move against the settled order of cryptocurrencies in this article for swapping 1 mco to btc, you are always welcome to official website to complete the mission.

The order of actions is as follows: select two coins for the change and set the amount → properly check the recipient’s address and order details → click Exchange.

Pros and Cons:  BTC vs ETH vs MCO

Advantages of Bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin’s fluidity allows customers to retain the most of its value while converting to fiat currencies, U.S. dollar or euro which does not work similarly for other e-currencies.
  • There’s no difference between in-country and international Bitcoin transactions: same speed, simplicity level, quick and easy access, 24/7 customer support, and other features. No cross-border fees or red tape to navigate.
  • Bitcoin’s inherent privacy protection gives its clients the ability to split BTC accounts from public bodies. It’s truly difficult to reveal those users between whom Bitcoin flows occur.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin:

  • Developers of Bitcoin as the world’s most competitive and demanded cryptocurrency have coped with scams, fraud, hack attacks more than any other digital crypto network. The coin has a critical mass of clients and you never know whether they are regular people or government representatives, or software pirates, etc.
  • Bitcoin’s volatility knocks exchanges and investments down even for conservative and deliberate traders and investors, and for consumers, it is quite hard to utilize the currency as a means of exchange and conversion.
  • An absence of chargebacks or refunds policy is a big drawback for such a high-performing coin.

Advantages of Ethereum:

  • High-level security and authenticity.
  • Participation in a cryptocurrency environment that provides reliable transactions.
  • It holds such elements as dApps, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), blockchain smart contracts.

Disadvantages of Ethereum:

  • More and stronger competitors appear in the market each year that challenge ETH with its reputation of delay.

Advantages of Monaco:

  • Free for purchase Monaco Card.
  • Traveling around the globe possibilities using the converted crypto-to-fiat currency.
  • Low-cost and charge-free exchanges, no minimum balance or monthly fees for the Monaco Bank account.
  • 2% cashback policy under the condition of owning an exclusive Black card.

Disadvantages of Monaco:

  • Regulatory obstacles may emerge on the pass-through stage. There’s a waitlist in Asia and European continents only.
  • Collaboration with Visa means relying on centralized financial institutions that

Blockchain companies do not really like and are doing their best to disrupt.

Final Words

To conclude, comparing the three coins is not the best idea as they are completely different as has been demonstrated and pointed out above. It is always up to each crypto coin’s loyal client to decide whether to trust a network or not.