How to Share Your Spotify Playlists with Your Friends

Spotify has earned enough reputation for being something to use. Once you visit it, you are not too far from listening music that matches with your current mood. But Spotify is not just about searching and listening music, but it is a lot more to explore. It is basically, a blend of amazing advanced features, which includes listening music offline, sharing music with your friends and even building playlists. Our further steps will surely be going to help you in understanding the advanced and amazing features of Spotify.
Spotify gives us an instant access to thousands of songs starting from old is gold to the latest hits. If any of you, who are reading this article want to share some good music with your friends or want to share the whole playlist with a party that is totally full of different people, Spotify has lots of tools to help you. Sharing amazing music with different individuals is an excellent way to discover new bands and talk over your music tastes with all your friends. I am pretty sure that you are going to impress all your buddies by just sharing music that matches their taste. So, today we are providing you with some simple steps to share playlists around at a party, or just among your gang of friends, depending on your nominations.

How to Share Playlists with Friends
The best thing about Spotify is sharing your favourite music with your favourite buddies. If you got some lyrics and you think that your friends will love it, then do share with them for sure.
Step 1
First, select the playlist which you want to share with your buddies.

Step 2
Tap the SHARE button, to put a smile on their face.

Step 3
Click the button “SEND TO”…..

Step 4
Start typing the name of your friend whom you want to share that specific playlist. Or if you want to share with anyone randomly, then choose names among those which are being suggested by Facebook itself.

Step 5
Once, you are done with choosing the friends, than you can even add some special messages for them.

Step 6
Hey, you are all set, just click the SEND button.

Step 7
When your friend will be free, some beautiful lyrics are waiting for him to listen to it.

Step 8
If your friends desire to save the specific playlist, then they just have to click the text and tap on Follow.

A good number of individuals visit Spotify regularly, to stream music from the International Network, and you can listen to the playlists even on your Desktop. In that case, Spotify will become a place, where you can listen to the music along with doing your other works too in different tabs. One benefit of Spotify which we missed above is if you are a Premium Subscriber to it, there’s an option for you to enjoy high-quality audio streaming. All-you-can-stream-jukebox of Spotify is another way by which you can enjoy streaming audio. Now, when you know all the tricks and tips of Spotify, it’s high time now to sparkle between your gang of friends by sharing them coolest music and create a memorable listening experience.