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Everything you need to know about Playtube App Before Installation

Play tube is the most trusted app used for downloading your favorite videos directly from YouTube. The app is designed in such a way that it is surely being loved by those who love to spend their time in watching a good number of videos. But if someone will choose “YouTube” between the two apps then let me remind you that you cannot download the videos directly from it and that’s a major drawback of the YouTube app. So, in that case, you have to select the second option i.e., the play tube app that will help you in downloading any video automatically which will be saved in the form of a cache file.

Basically Play Tube app is suitable for those users who would love to enjoy the music, as well as the videos both in online and offline mode.

Playtube App Review:

  • You will be provided with YouTube playlist manager which will surely allow you to create and delete the playlist from your YouTube directly.
  • It is very easy to control the application and absolutely free to download.
  •  It will even help you in repeating your playlist in an offline mode.
  • Play tube is a very good option to download the Youtube videos and even allows you to select the quality of the picture.
  • It is even available with different options from which you can bookmark the page so that you can check them after.

How to Download Play Tube app in Window?

This app is formerly known as PlayTube app. The installation of PlayTube app can be done in the format of Play Tube APK file. Though the app is not a PC software, still by using some third party you can download and even install it. The third party is absolutely nothing but an android emulator will act as an easy way to download any Android apps into your PC. BlueStacks is very easy to install, it contains a large collection of Android apps and best suggested Android Emulator.

  • You need to Download BlueStacks app and later install it on your personal computer. By doing this, you can easily install the Play Tube and various other apps on your device using BlueStacks.
  • After the successful installation of BlueStacks, you need to sign into your Google Account.
  • The next step is to find the latest version of PlayTube app. The link of downloading the app is available in the official website and you can click on the link and download the file.
  • Once the download has been completed, then you just need to right click on downloaded file and then double click on the APK file. Or you can even simply open the BlueStack player by clicking on it.

Once all the steps are completed, then you can use the Play Tube Android App directly from your PC. Now you can play the videos and music on YouTube and also download by playing it in offline.

If still, you stuck at any part, feel free to ask us. Ask your queries in the comment section below, it inspires us to write more.

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