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Everything You Wanted to Know About Silicon Slopes Summit 2018

From recent attend at Silicon Slopes Summit 2018 I found and get to learn about the tech. It was held in Utah state located in the United States on the western side of the country. At the conference, many people were observed to become the part of the program. In my opinion, there were mostly present entrepreneurs including technology fields.

The silicon slope is an amazing organization which conducts free events and this time it claims the attendees who registered more than 14000 peoples. It was unbelievable and made history in comparison to last year attendance. The production worked hard with its team which credit goes to Clint Betts. So in this topic, I will be discussing the information gained from participation which will amaze the readers.

Silicon Slopes Job:

When the Silicon Slopes 2018 summit started the main question that arises is the number of jobs it could raise for common people. Ryan Smith CEO of  Qualtrics has stated that the trend will grow and the people in the tech community will be successful, just have to relocate to the people of Utha. He also stated that if everyone in Utha can relocate other people then it will create an opportunity for the future generation.

Then the Carine CEO of Banyon has made a system for communication to help the healthcare providers so that they could connect with the patients online. She also showed the stats that by 2024 1.1 million jobs for new technology will be created. But 45 percent of these jobs will be occupied by the graduate students of big educational institute affiliated by Utha Universities. So these are the job-related topics that raised in the summit mostly focusing on the youth of Utha.

Silicon Slopes Company List:

In the Silicon slopes summit 2018 many companies have been invited for growing entrepreneurship and jobs for the youth in the field of technology. So here I will highlight some of the companies those are part of this summit.

  • Silicon Slopes
  • Sorenson Media
  • Pluralsight
  • Qualtrics
  • Banyon
  • Software supplier Domo
  • Home security company Vivint
  • Entrata
  • Slack
  • Beats by Dre
  • org
  • Facebook
  • Medici Ventures
  • Bess Ventures & Advisory

These are the main companies that have sent their CEO’s to this summit and they have shown their concern to grow the technology business to a whole new level. They have also shown the possibilities to develop more jobs for the students or youth generation in the technical field.

Silicon Slopes Schedule:

Look at the Silicon slopes summit schedule and you can see that how nicely silicon slopes map it well accordingly.

7:00 AM

Registration of Sponsor Pavilion and Networking Breakfast


General Session:

DaveBateman, Entrata / Josh James, Domo / Dave Elkington, / Ryan Smith, Qualtrics / Carine Clark, Banyan / Todd Pedersen, Vivint Smart Home / Marcus Liasside, Sorenson Media

General Session:

Stewart Butterfield, Slack, CEO

General Session:

Omar Johnson, Beats by Dre, Former CMO

10:50 AM

General Session:

J.D. Vance, New York Times Best Selling Author

General Session:

Steve Young, NFL Legends and Investor

General Session

Caitlin Kalinowski, Product Design Engineering Director at Facebook/ Oculus

Afternoon Schedule:

12:40 PM

Sponsor Pavilion Lunch & Networking

2:00 PM

Creators – Room 251

Jim Swartz, Accel Partners, Founder/ David Fialkow, General Catalyst Partners, Co-Founder

Marketing –  Hall B/C

Caryn Marooney, VP of Global Communications Facebook

Product / Dev – Room 150

Joel Spolsky, Stack Overflow, CEO and Co-Founder

Leadership – Room 250

Withney Johnson, Best-Selling  Author

Blockchain –  Room 151

Jonathan Johnson, Managing Director, Medici Ventures

2:45 PM

Break & Networking

3:15 PM

Creators – Room 150

Bonnie Hyun, NYSE, Capital Markets

Marketing – Hall B/C

Joey Zwillinger, All Birds Co-Founder, and Co-CEO

Product / DEV – Room 250

Martin Eriksson, Mind the Product, Co-Founder

Leadership –  Room 251

Brad Peterson, Nasdaq, CTO and CIO/ Sandi Mays, Zayo, Founder and CIO/ Joy Discoll, Vivint Smart Home. CIO and Digital Enablement/ Michael Hoffman, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Tech Editor

Blockchain – Room 151

Timothy Ruff, Evernym Co-founder and CEO/ Michael Sena, uPort, head of Product/ Vinny Lingham, Civic, CEO / Jeff John Roberts, Fortune.

4.00 PM 

Break & Networking

4.15 PM

Creatores – Room 251

Edward Saatchi, Fable Studio, Co-Founder and Executive  Producer/ Jarom Sidwell, 4th Wall FX, Executive Producer

Marketing – Room 150

Robin Hauser, Director, Finish Line Features, INC. and sarah Peluso, Sillicon Valley Bank, Vice president

Product / Dev – Room 250

Barry o’ Reilly, Exec Camp, Business Advisor, Entrepreneur and Author

Leadership – Hall B/C

Lane Bess, Bess  Ventures & Advisory LLC, Founder / Mark Borges, Compensia, Principal / Bob Barbetti, J.P Morgan Private Bank.

Silicon slopes summit is a very impressive event and it has opened the various section to the people who love to start a new business and looking for a job in technological sectors. Big personalities have given their views to open jobs and expand business in every sector. This kind of event is very much needed for the people seeking jobs. So if anything we have missed out then let us know by commenting below.

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