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Solar Ash is Coming With Heartwarming Characters! Gameplay, Release Dates, Trailer

Heartwarming characters are something Solar Ash known for. Yes, friends!

Solar ash is the second video game coming out of the pockets of the developer Heart Machine. It was, in 2016, when Heart Machine came out with their first-ever game- Hyper Light Drifter.

It won as many awards as it could so it’s natural that excitement was off the charts when a new game- Solar Ash was revealed by the developers. The developers led by their studio director Alx Preston assured fans that with Super Ash they will be able to experience and live through a surreal, vibrant and incredible world.

They also promised very high-speed traversal, huge and astonishing encounters with the enemies, and a range of lovable and heartwarming characters.

Formerly, Solar Ash was the Solar Ash Kingdom and Annapurna Interactive had published the game. It was during the huge reveal of Future of Gaming that the information about this new and exciting game was put out via the developers and the publishers.

It was also announced that Solar Ash will release on for PS5 very soon. The game is expected to be available to play not only on PlayStation 5 but also on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows too. The expected availability of the game on PC will mean that this game will be available to a wider range of audiences and more and more people will be able to enjoy it.

Here is everything we know about the gameplay, release dates, trailer, and everything else about this new and exciting launch, of Solar Ash-

Solar Ash Release Dates and Trailer Reveal

I can’t say an exact release date for this 2nd game as it is not confirmed by the developer Heart Machine. But you can have a release window that has been officially confirmed. Heart Machine launched the trailer for the game. It clearly reveals that we can expect the game to be surely released and with us in the year 2021.

The trailer revealed by PS5 is ambivalent. Also, it is ambiguous and does not provide us with any exact clues for this new game. But the Heart MAchine’s reveal trailer clearly signals us to expect the incredible. Also, the beloved features of Hyper Light Drifter adapted in a three-dimensional format in Solar Ash.

Although the trailer for the game does not give out any specific details. It does show that Solar Ash will definitely have the same pink and cyan color palette as that in Hyper Light Drifter.

You also get to see a mystery protagonist ready to fight a giant monster of a foe. And can be seen as wielding a blade of glowing energy in the trailer.

The trailer also confirms that the game will be available to the audience and fans through Epic Games Store and even Stream.

You can watch Solar Ash trailer here:

The Gameplay of Solar Ash

Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter became a huge success in no time. It is after the developers had released the full version of the game. This is what makes the expectations for their second release, Solar Ash so high.

Solar Ash is expected to have the developer’s blueprints and will have all the amazing features which made Hyper Light Drifter so amazing and incredible. The trailer clearly gives us an insight into how aesthetically beautiful and pleasing the world of Solar Ash will be to all its players and fans. The world and how vivid it will be.

Also, the amazing graphics that you can all expect are shown on full display in the trailer.

The world is clearly gravity-defying and promises to give amazing combat and fight experience. You will have some amazing, scary, and dangerous monsters to tackle with their awe-inspiring abilities and superb fighting skills.

The protagonist for Solar Ash itself is none other than a curious and puzzling humanoid. He is wearing a spooky cape, alone, and is entirely ready to just head into any foggy adventure and journey.

We do not yet have a clear idea about what his mission entails and what it might be in the mysterious world of Solar Ash. They are all very much defined in terms of visual effects but the origins are as foggy and uncertain as they were in Heart Light Drifter.

When asked about the game Annapurna Interactive, the publisher for the game said:

“Journey through a surreal, vivid and highly stylized world filled with mystery, wild high-speed traversal, endearing characters, and massive enemy encounters.”

You can easily expect to get incredible music, aesthetic and vibrantly vivid world, a fast and superb combat experience, and layered exploration. The movement in the game seems to be very unique and intriguing.

In the trailer, we can see the protagonist wandering effortlessly through the entire place and even be able to slide across the ground in a very effortlessly beautiful manner. It will be a unique experience to get to try that on our own once the game will release.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. When will Solar Ash be released and who is publishing it?

Solar Ash is a very much anticipated second ever game by the developer Heart Machine. The game’s trailer arrives. It shows that the game will be released in its full version in the year 2021. Solar Ash is being published by Annapurna Interactive and we have not been given an exact release date yet.

Q2. Is Solar Ash exclusive? Where can I play it?

Solar Ash will release in the year 2021. Its developer is Heart Machine and it will be available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and even Microsoft Windows. It could later even be launched on various platforms as Hyper Light Drifter was.

The expectations are very high for Heart Machine’s second launch ever- Solar Ash. And it will be interesting to see which all expectations come true! Also, how incredible the game really is, after its launching.

Tell us about your ideas and expectations of the game. Comment down below and tell us what things you think will happen in this new installment.

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