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ssyoutube: Download Youtube Videos; Substitutes of ssyoutube


Before all these applications and software which are available in the market for downloading any videos or audio from youtube. What I used to do is, play any video on youtube and just put ss in front of youtube word, that takes me to the new tab where the URL already been filled on that website and there are 3-4 video quality options for videos and there is on like to take you toward mp3 downloading space.

That how I used to download my video and that makes me happy because I didn’t need any application or software installing process and all that mess to simply download a piece of video or audio. However, many folks still don’t know about this trick. Today lets explore this.

How to download Youtube videos?

  • Open your desired video on youtube
  • Add “ss” to the URL of your video on youtube
  • Once you enter, it will redirect to the new website.
  • There check if that is your video you want to download and confirm it
  • Then check the video quality you want
  • Once it’s done, it will start downloading automatically

Download from

The procedure I mentioned above is to download your video from the location where you watch the video. But in case it doesn’t redirect you or any issue occurs while downloading, here is the thing you can do.

  • Go to youtube and click for your video
  • Once you select the video to download, copy URL of that video
  • Go to the search bar and enter
  • It will take you to the website
  • Enter the URL for download and select resolution of the video
  • Start download and enjoy

Why Download Online Videos?

Download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio. Watch downloaded videos offline whenever you want regardless of device. Great companion when traveling, watch the video where getting online is very difficult.

Absolutely Avoid annoying advertisements while watching your videos. Watch full HD, 4K or 8K video without buffering delays offline. Back-up videos on your hard drive in case they’re removed from YouTube anytime

Alternatives of ssyoutube


KeepVid used to be an extremely well-known video downloader that enables you to just reorder the URL to download video from any video sharing sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and so on. Notwithstanding, as of late, KeepVid has closed down its online video downloading administration.


The site is still there, yet now it just shows instructive tips for video download arrangements. Individuals who are accustomed to downloading recordings from YouTube and different sites with KeepVid currently might be frantically searching for destinations like KeepVid to snatch recordings from on the web.

How KeepVid Works?

Nothing special here.

Open the official site of KeepVid & enter the URL of the youtube video you want to download. Press enter & you’re all set to download the videos in the highest possible quality. For further understanding, let’s take a look at this screenshot:


As you can clearly see, there isn’t any option to choose different video quality. However, you can see the different video quality options from the green-colored option.

Click on it & you’ll see a list of video quality as shown from the below picture:

Here, click on the red-colored download button to start downloading a video at your desired video quality.

Keepvid video quality
Keepvid video quality

What Devices does it support?

As usual, KeepVid supports the downloading of YouTube videos from devices including Android, IOS, Windows PC & Mac PC.


SaveVid is one of its kind, and you probably heard about vidmate or snaptube for downloading videos and audios form many websites. Also known the fact is these apps are widely promoted by celebrities and YouTubers. But saveVid you don’t get to hear much. Recently the official website has been down and new further news on a new website.


However, there are many times when you go through and social sight and suddenly you encounter a video or you can say a music video, but the problem is you could find any possible way to download it to your mobile phone.

How SaveVid works?

To download videos from SaveVid is not that difficult. Haven’t used before and still want to know how it works? No worries. The procedure for using SaveVid is quite easy, as this is totally online and widely accessible. Here to start with,

  • Firstly open your SaveVid
  • Click or search for a platform from where you want to download video
  • You can also copy the link of the video and just paste in the SaveVid Url area
  • Click on the download button just there beside the Url area
  • It will show you the video and downloading options with different resolution
  • Select your preferred quality and start downloading
  • Enjoy your downloaded videos by SaveVid

What Devices does it support?

Surprisingly it works on many platforms. Those include – Andriod, IOS, PC, Macbook, and tablets. This is totally online. You can use any of the browsers, that doesn’t bother. Regardless of the device, it is work on all devices

As option in contrast to gets video is never disillusioning particularly with regards to supporting various destinations that it can download his most loved video from.

Much the same as different alternatives the site is easy to understand since everything necessary is to duplicate glue the URL they need to download for video downloading. It is free and no enlistment is required.

Free Extensions for Chrome

Download the “Catchvideo helper” extension for your browser here to catch video links for Youtube, Dailymotion. Download our bookmarklet here to fetch links while surfing a video website

Video Grabber

Video Grabber is one of the most astounding KeepVid alternatives since it is valuable in downloading recordings from YouTube and other online video downloading administrations. Everything necessary is to duplicate glue the URL they need to download for video downloading.

Download 8k videos with Video

You may save 8K and other HD videos quickly if you have a high-speed internet connection and fast-performing computer. For over the years, the advancement in technology really makes impossibility to possibility. Actually, it is unimaginable that 8K videos will be viewable. However, it’s now an issue of the past. With the right video downloader at hand, you will successfully and easily grab high-definition videos worthy to watch. And here’re the pros and cons of these downloaders

Frequently Asked Questions | ssyoutube

Q: Does ssyoutube charge for download?

A: No, free of cost.

Q: Does ssyoutube have any app for android?

A: No, it doesn’t

Q: Can this download from any website?

A: yes, but you need to have URL for the video

Last Words

That is all for now. Whenever you need to download video try ssyoutube trick to download whatever you want and if that doesn’t work properly. Try some alternatives as I discussed above for you, that will help you to get the video you are looking for.

Do you have any comments about this article? feel free to comment on your thought in the comment section below? Also, comment on the tricks and applications you use to download your videos.

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