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Duplicate Content Checker Tool: Easy Way to Detect Plagiarized Content


Easy ways are what we need for detecting plagiarism, and it is stupid to use a tool that you can’t just understand and has a complex plus confusing interface! It is important that you hook up with the plagiarism checker software that is easy to use!

There is no sane point in using the tool that you can’t utilize to its full extent! We have been getting many queries related to the use of easy and free online plagiarism checker tools, and for this very reason, we want you guys to read this content till the very end!

We want you guys to understand the basic concept of using free online plagiarism checker tools, a tool is easy to use, and reliable has nothing to do with it being free or paid rather it depends on the software design and development along with the algorithms it is using to satisfy you with the results!

Today we are going to explain to you about a free online best plagiarism checker tool that will surely help you in checking duplication in your content with ease and accuracy! So stay tuned and keep reading the details of the tool that we have mentioned below!

Duplication Checker by Dupli!

The best free plagiarism checker tool in our article today is the one by the famous content management and an SEO website, better known as duplichecker!

If you have never used duplichecker, then we will recommend you to use this platform to manage your website! You can direct yourself to the website using this link!

Now this tool stands out in the league of plagiarism checker tools, and the reasons of it would be discussed today in detail, but first of all, we will discuss the important part, and that is the working of this website plagiarism checker tool!

The working of this plagiarism software is easy, unlike other tools on the web and even a layman having a basic knowledge of the internet can utilize this tool properly!

We want you guys to use this tool and understand it so we have gathered some steps that will teach you how to direct you and then to use this tool properly and with full accuracy! So, let us start with the details of the working of the tool!

Working of the DupliChecker!

Here are the four steps that will teach you about the working of the tool!

  • Firstly, we want you guys to know that this website requires your registration so that you can get free and unlimited services while you utilize it!
  • The second step is to navigate the plagiarism/duplication checker on the site! When you do so open it!
  • After opening the tool you have to simply make sure that you understand it properly, you will see a text box in which you have to simply enter the text by typing it down manually, you can also use the copy-paste technique and can also upload complete documents worth 1000 words each!
  • When you are done with the input, you should look for the check button below the box and have to simply click on it! When you do so the tool will simply check your content for plagiarism and duplication!

Features of DupliChecker

  1. First, know that this is a free tool, but it limits you to check not more than 50,000 words a day which is in another way 50 documents!
  2. We want you guys to understand that this tool is the best one because it is web-based and has more than billions of web pages with which your content would be compared with!
  3. This tool is also known as the copyright checker with percentage as this tool can generate a very detailed report that will authenticate your content! The report will tell you about the plagiarism even in the smallest phrases of your article!
  4. The tool actually works with artificial intelligence and high-end algos, which helps it in splitting your content into small and equal parts which are then compared with the huge database of the tool!
  5. Integration with URLs is yet another feature of the tool, that means that you can also add and remove specific URLs that you want to check or ignore with your original article!
  6. You should know that you can also upload content directly from cloud services which include Google drive and dropbox!
  7. You should know that this tool can help you remove grammatical errors from your content; this is also for free!
  8. You can use this platform to simply rewrite the content that is said to be having plagiarism in it, this rephrasing feature of the duplichecker is also a unique one!

Final Words

After reading this post, I’ve clearly stated that how Duplication Checker by Dupli can help you detect plagiarized content for free. So, instead of using paid plagiarize checker tools like Grammarly and Copyscape, I would suggest you to use DupliChecker along with its additional services.

That’s all for now.

I hope  DupliChecker will help you curate and optimize the content for you site. Apart from this, you’ve any doubts related to DupliChecker, feel free to ask me via the comments section.

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