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Taking Your Career to New Heights: 6 Jobs for the Globetrotter at Heart

Staying in one place isn’t for everyone. If you have wanderlust, you don’t have to confine yourself to one locale. Instead, you can find a job that lets you work from anywhere and allows you to travel, either for work or as a perk.

If you plan to travel and work, you’ll need some essentials, like luggage organization, travel technologies like apps and tech accessories, and a minimalist wardrobe that makes it easy to pack up and leave quickly.

If you’ve been thinking of finding a new job that’ll give you the freedoms you crave, it’s never too late to start something new. Below are six of the best jobs for people who want to travel while working.

Travel agent

If you love to travel and know a lot about it, then being a travel agent is the right career for you. While some people think that travel agents are no longer needed in the era of technology, many travel agents have plenty of business.

Many people want help booking their vacations, especially if they don’t want to worry about the details. You can do exceptionally well as a travel agent if you’re good at finding deals on flights, hotels, and experiences.


Almost any type of freelance career will allow you to work from home or on the road. Whether you write, build websites, or work as a VA, as long as you take your laptop with you and have a stable internet connection, you can work just about anywhere.

Finding freelance work is relatively easy, and you can set your hours, leaving your schedule open for trips into the unknown.

Travel writer/blogger

The travel writing/blogging industry is a competitive market, but you can still be successful. Knowing the best practices for marketing your content will put you ahead of the game.

If you can put a unique spin on your blog and take high-quality photos and videos, you can do quite well in this industry while seeing some of the world’s most incredible places.

Construction manager

Lots of construction development companies bid on projects from many places. They often like to hire managers and let them travel instead of hiring a local manager. If you’ve worked in construction before, you should be able to find a traveling construction job.

ESL teacher

ESL teachers help students all over the globe learn to speak English. You often don’t need to talk about another language, but you’ll usually need a teaching degree or equivalent. ESL teachers can teach full classes, small groups, or work as private tutors. The best part is getting to live and work in foreign locations while getting paid to do so!


This career will require a bachelor’s or master’s of science in nursing, but working as a travel nurse is one of the most lucrative healthcare professions. You’ll sign up with a company, and they’ll send you where you’re needed. You may not have much say in where you go, but you’ll get a chance to see new places and meet new people.

Final thoughts

These jobs will make a great career if you want to see the world while earning a living. Additionally, many industries now see the advantages of letting their employees work from home. In the future, there will be many more careers that will allow you to travel while you work.

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