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If You’re a Beginner Then These are the Video Editing Apps for You

Whether you’d like to uplevel the videos you post to social media, want to learn editing techniques as part of your career plan, or are simply interested in making your home movies as beautiful as possible, you may be thinking about getting to grips with a video editing app.

Below you’ll find our recommendations for the editing apps to try your hand at – you may be surprised at just how easy all of these options are to master and the incredible difference these tools can make to the quality of your content!


This video editing software prides itself on providing users with a clear, simple interface that’s super easy to get to grips with, making it perfect for beginners.

Movavi is highly intuitive and is designed to promote and support the creative process. All the tools you need are at your fingertips to create stunning, unique videos: whether you want to incorporate a stock video into your footage, add some beautiful visual effects, or include titles or filters, you can do so easily with this software.

Having fun with the process is at the heart of the Movavi ethos, and once you’ve got the hang of things, it can take as little as 20 minutes to create a gorgeous, finished video, ready to post!


Even if you have no video editing experience, HitFilm can give you the skills you need to create stunning, professional-grade content. HitFilm offers its users an easy-to-use and impressive range of tools, including lighting and lens flares, color grading and correction, motion tracking, and keying features.

This video editing suite also gives you access to many powerful plug-ins, such as Mocha HitFilm, with its rotoscoping tools and camera tracking, so you can seamlessly integrate VFX into your editing.

HitFilm’s interface is fast, simple, and intuitive. Best of all? You can download it for free!

Adobe Premiere Pro

This extremely popular video editing software suite is great for beginners and is used by novices and professionals alike.

Premiere Pro navigates its users through the entire editing process. Its extensive, in-built guides mean that even those with zero previous experience can master its tools and features. The audio mixing and color-correcting facilities are impressive, and users like the fact that they can design and add animations to their videos using the software, too.

The auto frame tool may be of particular interest: use this feature to automatically crop clips so that they can be instantly uploaded in the correct format to various social media platforms. Now that’s clever.


OpenShot is a free, open-source video editing package that’s both easy to use and powerful. It offers an awe-inspiring arsenal of features for a free suite, from trim and slice tools to slow motion and time effects.

This video editor allows users to render 3D animated effects and titles such as lens flares or flying text; it also features a video effects engine, so you can invert colors, adjust brightness, or remove the background from your video.

OpenShot is a great way to learn the basics of video editing and begin turning your footage into mini masterpieces!


For Mac users, iMovie is the perfect place to start your video editing adventure. The drag-and-drop interface makes the process a straightforward one, and adding titles, music, and effects is unbelievably simple, too. The software even supports users in incorporating 360-degree video into their content, so viewers can look at parts of the video from a different viewpoint or zoom in on specific elements of interest.

iMovie can be used to export finished videos directly to YouTube and Facebook, making video editing, from beginning to end, a breeze.


Lumen5 incorporates AI to allow you to create stunning content quickly and easily – even complete beginners will be able to effectively edit a video within minutes.

This software has been designed to create content for social media posts and advertising in mind – it’s focused on giving its users the tools to make beautiful and engaging videos.

A key benefit offered by Lumen5 is that it allows users to easily turn blog posts and articles into video content and copy and paste offline content into the platform to add to your content later. The software also has a library of millions of photos, ready for your use, and a bank of free audio files and background music tracks.

Wondershare Filmora

The simple tools and editing presets make Wondershare Filmora an excellent choice for those new to video editing. Its affordable features a range of stunning filters and boasts one-click controls and drag-and-drop tools, making editing a quick and straightforward task.

Storytelling, creativity, and expression are the watchwords of this editing suite: innovative templates, visual effects plug-ins, and motion tracking tools are just some of the features that’ll help you create exceptional content ready for upload.

Wondershare Filmora also incorporates a built-in community where you can share your videos, tips, and know-how. There are also plenty of tutorials and guides enabling you to improve your editing skills once you’ve got a firm handle on the basics.

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